Illegal Immigrants and Higher Education

Choices are made by parents for the sake of their children ["Controversial Legislation May Give Immigrant Students a Chance at College,"].

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Choices are made by parents for the sake of their children ["Controversial Legislation May Give Immigrant Students a Chance at College,"]. Many parents, in light of desperation and desire for a better future, decide to leave everything (family, work, friends, language, and food) behind and migrate to other lands. That's the choice many immigrants make. These immigrants have rightfully earned a chance to be here, through their hard work. However, it is unfortunate that the U.S. immigration system is so obsolete and inefficient. The first step in correcting the system is by allowing these kids who are in every sense Americans the right to work and study in this country, their home country. Maybe they do not have a 9-digit number, but they have adopted U.S. values, speak our language, and are part of our communities. We must realize that they are already part of this country, and we need to acknowledge their work and the rights they deserve.

Comment by Daniela of NY

Not rewarding the illegal actions of the parents is in no way "punishing" their illegal immigrant children. Plus, if we reward this illegal behavior, it will encourage more illegal immigration. Finally, every illegal alien who takes a seat at college and drains financial aid means one less American kid or legal immigrant at college because their seat was stolen by an illegal immigrant. This is fundamentally unfair, illegal, and immoral.

Comment by Steve of OH

I strongly support the DREAM Act. I just finished my master's degree and got accepted to a doctoral program. The DREAM Act will make a tremendous difference in my education and the life of many other DREAMers. As a matter of fact, once we (DREAMers) finish our education, we will be more efficient in this country, give back to our communities, and most importantly, help this great country that has allowed us to educate ourselves, our families, and our communities. DREAMers keep it up! If there's a will, there is a way!

Comment by Sophia of CA

Illegal aliens consume much more in taxpayer funded benefits than what little they pay in taxes (or earn under the table). Remember that every illegal alien sitting in a college seat (and consuming financial aid) means one less American kid in college whose parents have been paying taxes their whole lives. I give this example: The California State University system intends to cut enrollment by 40,000 seats over the next two years and has increased fees by 32 percent. Obviously, increasingly scarce college seats and financial aid should and must be reserved for American kids, not foreigners who have and continue to break our laws. Remember that those who would benefit from the DREAM Act were not born in the United States and are not American citizens. This is why public opinion is against the "DREAM" Act, which would reward illegal behavior.

Comment by Mike of PA

We've already made an investment in these children in the form of their elementary and high school educations, so if they are willing to work and contribute to our society, why not let them? This act would keep those students who are educated in the country. Isn't it a good idea to try to keep such assets?

Comment by Deb of WA

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