Baby Boomers and the New Media

I can sympathize with boomers who are frustrated by the transition from print to digital media ["Frustrated Baby Boomers Alienated From the Political Debate,"].

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I can sympathize with boomers who are frustrated by the transition from print to digital media ["Frustrated Baby Boomers Alienated From the Political Debate,"]. It is nice to be able to read at your leisure while you're on the go, however there has got to be some kind of give and take. I mean people who simply refuse to become computer literate and who are "set in their ways" are only disadvantaging themselves. The fact is, in order to receive the most up-to-date factual information, the Internet is the only way to go. Print is good for in-depth analysis after the fact. I think a good balance between print and digital media results in the most informed citizen.

Comment by Ashley of NC

I'm a boomer retiree and certainly have no trouble dealing with technology. And it's absurd and frankly arrogant to suggest that we're all a bunch of Luddites simply because some prefer the convenience of "retro" media, like newspapers and magazines (total portability, no batteries required!) or else TV, for our political info. Yeah, I hate it too when they tell you to "go to our website" for more information. Duh, why do they think I'm reading their paper or watching their broadcast?! Regardless, the question is still a legitimate one. How effective is any administration that overlooks this fact when trying to shape policy? Is that really any different than the Bush years of only having public meetings with "friendly" audiences?

Comment by Mateo of CA

While I can understand much of their frustration, some of it is self-inflicted. If the information they want is no longer available from their local paper or on TV then they better roll with the changes and get used to using the Internet. Being too set in your ways is not a good thing; they need to adapt and I think they would be surprised at how much more they can learn.

Comment by Scott of MN

This is laughable! I don't read newspapers or watch news on TV, but I can assure you that I am informed about what is going on in this country. Get with it, folks, and get on the Internet. This is the only place you can find both sides of any issue. Newspapers and TV news are so biased that it is a waste of time for you to indulge in reading or watching. Nowadays both tell you what they want you to think and both outlets editorialize way too much to suit me. If this crowd voted for Obama by a slim margin and want him to succeed, they better find out what his plans are for all of us. And they need to know who his advisers are and what they have planned for our country. I think for the most part these folks may be the ones who have to have everything spoon-fed to them, and they are part of the problem. Anyone who doesn't know what's going on hasn't been paying attention, and if they don't start paying attention, it may be too late. And if these folks think healthcare costs under Obama will be lower, they will be disappointed. Here's something they may remember, "There's no such thing as a free lunch!" Just wait until they see what free healthcare is.

Comment by Joyce of NC

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