Healthcare Reform on the Hot Seat

Why don't the Democrats summon a little courage and add significant tort reform to their healthcare proposal ["Obama Confident Healthcare Reform Will Pass,"]?

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Why don't the Democrats summon a little courage and add significant tort reform to their healthcare proposal ["Obama Confident Healthcare Reform Will Pass,"]? The trial lawyers have the Democrats bought and paid for to the point that one of the most simple and effective healthcare reforms is consistently ignored. Moreover, the administration's proposals consistently stick business owners with the bill—why not move healthcare out of employment altogether. Employer-provided healthcare is a relic of World War II that needs to be corrected. Free-market, individual insurance combined with tort reform will trim the fat of the industry, leaving us with affordable healthcare without compromising businesses, raising taxes, or expanding the government.

Comment by Erin of ID

Can people in general just realize that we must have reform or else Medicare will run out of money in about six years? It's a shame that one of the supposed most sophisticated countries in the world can't even get its two sides of government to rationally talk about healthcare and that its citizens are fooled by politicians hungry with power that will doing anything they can to get people charged up behind them just for votes. Every politician right now knows we need an overhaul in the government side of healthcare. If you're one of those who don't want government healthcare at all, then be prepared for streets filled with disease. That's what government healthcare does—protect the citizens against things like the swine flu for people who wouldn't be able to afford it otherwise.

Comment by Troy of CA

A cost-effective and reasonable solution is as follows: Doctors have loans, mostly government loans, that begin six months after graduation. Why not build public clinics and have the young doctors work at them for two years, get paid appropriately, and reduce their loans by working for the community? This will decrease emergency room visits for people who do not have an emergency. People who do not have insurance will have someplace to go, drug companies can supply the pharmaceuticals for tax write-offs, and insurance companies don't have to worry about the clinics. Countries around the world make their young people do government service after high school or college. I would happily be the next healthcare czar!

Comment by Bob of CO

If anyone is serious about funding medical care in the future, it cannot be from cutting the underfunded existing medical programs. If the proposed cuts to funding for current Medicare/Medicaid programs go through, than good luck finding any physician who will take any "government contract" that doesn't pay enough to cover the costs of running a quality medical clinic. Why do lawyers make so much money? Should we cut legal fees and set rates on legal fees? Oh wait, we do have the public defender. How about the public physician? Socialized medicine does not work in a normal healthy society like the United States of America. Robbing Peter to pay Paul is not the answer to our problems for funding healthcare. Stop this foolishness and let's get to the full truth soon. Insurance companies exist to make loads of money. Doctors barely exist now on what they are paid.

Comment by Ray of AL

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