Ron Paul, Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, and the 'Future Leaders of the GOP'

Sarah Palin and Jeb Bush are not leaders in the party [Sarah Palin and Jeb Bush Poised to Lead Town-Hallers,].


Sarah Palin and Jeb Bush are not leaders in the party [Sarah Palin and Jeb Bush Poised to Lead Town-Hallers,]. People are afraid to vote for another Bush; and Palin is a quitter. Everybody is awfully scared about the amount of debt Obama has us taking on—clearly Ron Paul, Mike Huckabee, or Mitt Romney are the only ones with a possibility of being elected.

Comment by George of WA

I think any politician who shows up to "lead" the folks who are turning out for town halls better come prepared to be challenged. I think most are fed up with the same old guys and gals in Washington, D.C. I know I am very skeptical of anybody with the name "Bush." Romney seems to change his moral compass quite easily, and he saddled Massachusetts with a state-run medical plan that is bankrupting the state. As for Newt Gingrich, he had his chance as speaker, and we wound up with a big-spending Congress. I didn't see him applying the brakes or criticizing his fellow Republicans. I've had to change my opinion of Ron Paul, and I've come to realize that he was probably sabotaged at the debates by the Republican "moderates" who want to just go on with the status quo. Ron Paul and Sarah Palin are the only two true fiscal conservatives in the bunch.

Comment by Nancy of WA

Ron Paul is the entire reason I became active in politics, and he is the only person in Washington who ever stood up against the crooks there, yet he still gets no respect from the media. You all owe him for the majority of the stories you're covering. It's his supporters who first started rising up against the overtaking of the government. And don't forget it. I would never vote for Sarah Palin and certainly not another Bush. And I believe I speak for the rest of supporters when I say, neither would they. He has the best shot at leading the way for a GOP victory in 2012.

Comment by Allison of VA

Please, please, please do not let another Bush get the nomination. If Republicans do that, they will get the whippin' they deserve. This country will never elect another Bush. Period! Ron hasn't happened, it ain't going to happen. Palin—some call her a quitter, but I think she's just getting started. Single-handedly, she busted Obama's chops with a single Facebook post about healthcare reform. Who else has done that? Where are all those heroes listed above? Where's their leadership? Are they waiting to be elected before they lead? Palin is the new leader for the conservative movement.

Comment by Norm of MN

Strip away the hysteria and you will have what Ron Paul has been saying all along. Talk radio and those right-wing talking heads are trying to whip up a frenzy of sound and fury with little substance. I am a diehard Paul supporter; he speaks to us as though we were adults. What a concept. The average political commercial is aimed at a viewer with a sixth-grade education. We're doomed.

Comment by John of MA

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