Baby Boomers and 'Their' 1960s Woodstock Culture

Why do we have to relive the 1960s every decade ["10 Places to Relive the '60s,"]?

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Why do we have to relive the 1960s every decade ["10 Places to Relive the '60s,"]? Baby boomers feel that the sun rose (and is now setting) on their generation. Other generations are not trying to "re-create" the 1960s. This article is another example of the over-inflated boomer ego. Music festivals are festivals. Woodstock was a huge example but not the first and obviously not the last. I would not be proud of a generation whose massive flower power numbers failed to bring peace, only years of war and huge debt.

Comment by Rebecca Bradley of SC

It was cool the way the young folks [at Woodstock] just said, "We're not going to buy into your corporate drone mentality" and just cut loose. The power of the people. But now many of those same dropouts have become incorporated. More Americans are incarcerated than ever before, percentagewise. The government is the biggest employer. So much for freedom. Most of the detainees are petty drug offenders, not violent criminals. The police continue to go after the easy catch of pot busts. California, which was once considered a freedom mecca, has become one of the most restricted states in the union as far as number of laws enacted. And political correctness has stifled many free thinking conversations. I wish that people would remember Woodstock as a time when we were truly freeā€”if only for a short blink in time. That is something to celebrate.

Comment by Cheryl Johnson of CA

Woodstock marked the turning of an era. Objecting to the Vietnam War is admirable, but glorifying indiscriminate sex, drug use gone wild, and chaos, as well as the reckless abandonment of all rules and a fanatically liberal justice system has not served the United States or the world well. Never forget that for every action, there is a reaction, for every decision, there is a consequence. Everything in life is a double-edged sword. We "made love, not war" and the American family disintegrated. When the family disintegrates, society disintegrates. I mourn for the times when we did not need to lock our homes and for the days when 90 percent of the populace was trustworthy. I need not detail further the sociological ramifications of the Woodstock philosophy. For those of us with a decent education, an inquiring mind, and more than 50 years under our belts, the subsequent destruction is self-explanatory.

Comment by Joanna Nichols, FL

To the ignorant who think the '60s accomplished nothing, stop being controlled by the media. Instead of relating it to "hippies" and negative stereotypes of that sort, relate it to the "counter-culture" awareness of the times, which hippies were a part of. Fact is a lot of your cultural movements today were counter-cultural movements yesterday.

Comment by Larry C. of MD

As a tail-end baby boomer (1963) who grew up in the '70s experiencing the "freedom" of broken marriages, drugged-out parents, and rejection of authority, which caused my dad to be fired from every job, I question what was so great about the '60s. Perhaps it was fun for you, but for your children and the generations after who have had to pick up the pieces, not so much.

Comment by Lisa of OH

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