Obama's Popularity Amid Healthcare Reform

Running the country by popularity polls is not running the country at all—it's the tail wagging the dog [Obama's Approval Ratings Show a Summer Slump, usnews.com].


Running the country by popularity polls is not running the country at all—it's the tail wagging the dog [Obama's Approval Ratings Show a Summer Slump, usnews.com]. Everybody can get healthcare, the problem is paying for it. Rather than redesign the wheel, if Obama will forget the polls and work on a way to insure everybody that is entitled and able, but pays their fair share of the shortfall, he will find the problem isn't so overwhelming either politically or economically. What's complicating the issue is trying to satisfy 300 million people, all of whom want premium services for themselves with someone else paying the bill. What's causing his polling problems is continually trying to convince us there really is a free lunch. The election's over. It's time to govern.

Comment by Robby of VA

Personally, I and everyone I know think Obama is doing a pretty good job. Not perfect, but vastly better than the Republicans who previously ran the country into the ground and the debt through the roof (deficit too). Public support is still on Obama's side, and I think his numbers are down a bit simply because of the bad economy. That will all change when the economy comes back again. Make no mistake—Republicans are toast, and nobody wants them back again. People have had enough of these sell-outs who are owned by big insurance and big oil and won't vote for them as a majority again for years to come.

Comment by Ian of MI

The main reason that Obama's health plan is losing support is its absolute failure to control costs. The overwhelming concern of the majority of Americans is the incredible expense of healthcare. It seems everyone I speak to, all types from blue collar to "very white" collar, sincerely and probably correctly thinks that the "reform" is not going to reduce costs but actually expand them. This is very scary.

Comment by Jim of PA

Let's face it: You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time. But you can't fool all of the people all of the time. Obama and the Democrats have finally shown the American people who they really are and what they really believe in, and it isn't what the majority of Americans believe in or want. Folks are finally starting to look at the Democrats and are deciding this is the wrong direction. The Republicans under Bush were idiots and strayed from the fiscally conservative values that most Americans adhere to in their personal lives. The subprime crisis which has rocked our economy was enabled by Democrats like Barney Frank and Maxine Waters, and supported by groups like ACORN. Now we have a president that shares those corrupt beliefs, but the American people are beginning to see it, and are rejecting him and his party. I wonder when the pro-Obama media will begin to shift away from him and start reporting the truth.

Comment by Bob Ventura of CA

The HMO's are the real so-called opposition to this "reform" and the Republicans are just on for the ride. Some compromise bill will pass, and by early 2010 the economy will recover, allowing the blue dog Democrats to win their midterms. He could have easily sat back this year and kept his high ratings but has decided to pull up his sleeves and fight. He will have the last laugh, trust me.

Comment by Andrew Kenneth of IL

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