Haves and Have Nots on Healthcare Reform

The United States does have the best healthcare available in the world, but only for the people who can afford it ["Health Reform Demands That Lawmakers Read the Bills," usnews.com].

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The United States does have the best healthcare available in the world, but only for the people who can afford it ["Health Reform Demands That Lawmakers Read the Bills," usnews.com]. That does not translate to having the best healthcare system in the world. Understanding this difference is key. One can say that a Ferrari or Porsche is the best car in the world, but it doesn't help anyone who is not driving one of these unaffordable cars. Let us all understand that the "best" stuff is not available to everyone, and that is exactly the point of this reform.

Comment by Mike C. of TX

Social Security and Medicare are government programs that are broken. Politicians have been dipping into these accounts since their inception. But what they have shown us is that they cannot manage our money. In case they haven't noticed we are in a recession and people have lost jobs and are having a hard time finding new ones because there is no incentive for business to grow or expand. It's quite the opposite with all that is going on between national healthcare and cap-and-trade. The incentives are being offered overseas, not in this country. No one is in business not to make money and they will uproot and take off before the government soaks every last penny from them. This is about government control and the only ones that will be the losers are American citizens.

Comment by Sue of IL

The particulars of healthcare reform are irrelevant. What matters is the cost of $1 trillion to $1.5 trillion over 10 years. The country is in a deep recession and there is not a trillion dollars available for new spending. It makes about as much sense as an individual that is out of work thinking it is a great time to buy a new home. Increasing taxes to pay for this extraordinary spending will have nothing but negative economic consequences and must be avoided.

Comment by Bill Weronko of IL

I am wealthy and with the best health insurance money can buy. I will probably pay additional taxes to subsidize universal health insurance with a public option. Why do I want universal health insurance? Because there is nothing special about me that justifies me having good reliable health coverage while others don't. Because every man, woman, and child should know that they are not alone if they have to battle serious illness. Because it is the right thing to do. Why do I want the public insurance option? Because with it the number of people involved in government health insurance programs will allow the government to bargain for less expensive quality health services. That will bring the cost of healthcare down.

Comment by Janet of VA

The American Medical Association has long desired to maintain rationed healthcare in order to keep supply shorter than demand. While physicians deserve to be rewarded for work, let's not pretend that the current system is a "free market" system. Insurers, providers, and practitioners collude to keep prices high, deny coverage to tens of millions of Americans, and force citizens literally into bankruptcy at the first illness. The current blood money system must be destroyed. A new system that provides basic and emergency needs must be made available to all citizens. Healthcare is rightfully a national responsibility. The only people who wish to ration it are those whose pockets are lined by this artificial shortage.

Comment by Tony R. of NC

It is always those who have health insurance (at least today) who oppose others having access. It is interesting to see the importance of an "insider" for so many Americans. To be an insider there must be those who are outsiders. Kind of like immigration. Those who are Europe's descendants and hell bent on keeping others out—even those who were born on this continent both the north end and the south end. Maybe more of Congress needs to be replaced for not having the backbone to do what is in the country's best interest.

Comment by Christine of MD

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