Sarah Palin's Cap and Trade Op-Ed

I read the Washington Post Op-Ed piece by Sarah Palin, and I must say, I found it extremely light weight ["Palin Showing Her 'Serious Side' With Obama Critique,"].

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I read the Washington Post op-ed piece by Sarah Palin, and I must say, I found it extremely light weight ["Palin Showing Her 'Serious Side' With Obama Critique,"]. Short on fact, long on assertion, I would have called it a rant not a critique. There are serious issues facing our country and although I sympathize with the need of the Washington Post to sell newspapers, there are plenty of people who know more about the topic of energy independence than Sarah Palin, and all in all I would rather hear from them.

Comment by George Girton of CA

In regards to Sarah Palin's op-ed piece in the Washington Post, it is refreshing to see a "citizen politician" as opposed to the mostly "professional politicians" we currently have in government. God knows the current crop of politicians leaves a lot to be desired in working for the good of the country. Most seem to be more interested in getting re-elected than solving the problems that face us today. Additionally I see nothing wrong with a Republican helping conservative Democrats in their campaigns. After all, when push comes to shove a vote is a vote whether it comes from a Republican or a Democrat. If you have built a history of help and friendship with those who think like you do, you stand a better chance of passing meaningful legislation that actually makes sense and does the country as a whole some good.

Comment by Ron of CA

Palin's article did not even mention climate change, let alone offer alternative solutions. It only addressed the costs of cap and trade and was silent on the benefits. It contained nothing but completely vague, no source, oil industry talking points. If that's her "serious side," she's certainly not an energy "expert" and, in fact, has nothing whatsoever to contribute to the debate.

Comment by Icarus of OR

We Americans shouldn't fear Sarah at all. She's consistent on issues that will protect our pride as a nation, create jobs from our resources, and still maintain a great environment. She's consistent to decrease dependency on foreign resources. Sarah Palin is a strong true leader for America. We should be proud of her for standing up and against business as usual by the "Democrats" in the House and Congress. Blaming others won't do us any good at all anyways. Sarah may have what it takes to confront this madness of bad policies. Being right is not always popular among followers. I'm proud to support Sarah Palin and proud to be part in restoring our great nation's stability and pride that brought us this far.

Comment by Jabez Bryce of HI

I believe that I remember Ms. Palin embracing these same ideologies that she now criticizes. Perhaps she does not truly understand the issues around limiting pollution. The idea that anyone who is a proponent of decreasing emissions is a "rich liberal" or from the "crooked left" is ridiculous. Please refer to her opinions about this issue prior to the '08 election and then decide if Ms. Palin is now criticizing what she had earlier supported. Do her followers really listen to and understand what this woman is saying?

Comment by John Williams of RI

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