House Divided: On Congress and Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was a monumental entertainer and will always be remembered this way ["Michael Jackson Does Not Deserve a Congressional Resolution,"].

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Michael Jackson was a monumental entertainer and will always be remembered this way ["Michael Jackson Does Not Deserve a Congressional Resolution,"]. There is no need for our government to pass a congressional resolution in MJ's honor. Since his death, aspects of his life, both negative and positive, have been covered in abundance and fans have been able to honor him in their own ways, so once again, a congressional resolution is completely and utterly unnecessary.

Comment by Franny J. of TN

America may have a certain obligation to honor Michael Jackson because he is/was specifically an American who had a massive global following and impact. Maybe in a way he could be considered a national treasure. Especially when we consider that he was found not guilty by the American justice system. How can we not give that any value? In terms of the possible drug use associated with his death, Elvis Presley and the Beatles did drugs. Michael wasn't necessarily more troubled than they were.

Comment by Nicole of TX

Michael's whole life was about helping the children and making the world a better place for them! Michael was able to see the world through the eyes of children! To Michael's family, friends, and fans: No matter what anyone says, there are those of us who believe in what MJ stood for. Simply put, all he wanted was to make the world a better place! It's in his music, words, humanitarian work, his heart and soul. I feel sorry for those people who just don't get it!

Comment by Lisa of CA

Michael Jackson was a great performer! But when it comes to being honored he already has been with music awards, etc. Honor your fallen soldiers when it comes to American awards! Musicians and pro athletes don't keep us free, the military does!

Comment by Walt of PA

Michael doesn't need a congressional resolution. He's got millions of fans who will honor and celebrate his life and legacy in other ways. Most notably by remembering his good qualities: how he gave to more charities than any other pop star in music history and how he wrote many of the songs that became the soundtrack of our childhoods. That is how Michael will and should be honored. So they can keep their resolution.

Comment by Linda of AK

Michael Jackson is the King of Pop; he is unparalleled in music, entertainment, dance, sales, power, and awesomeness, not to mention his giving to charities and helping people all around the world by spreading his message of love. Congress should not only approve this but create more dedications in honor and remembrance of this great man. If anyone deserves this resolution it's him! It would put a black mark on Congress if they don't go ahead with Lee's proposal.

Comment by Stefan of WA

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