Pondering Sarah Palin's Reasons for Quitting

Palin is not as polished as D.C. regulars who can talk out of both sides of their mouth ["Republicans Perplexed by Palin's Resignation," usnews.com].

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Palin is not as polished as D.C. regulars who can talk out of both sides of their mouths ["Republicans Perplexed by Palin's Resignation," usnews.com]. What she has is an unvarnished ring of honesty. The continued attacks on her, and her family, are evidence that her attackers fear her. As a non-candidate, she will be free to present her conservative views. She is a mother who loves and protects her children against the David Lettermans and political mud-slingers of this world. She's upbeat, and likable, and that's clear. I hope she never learns to talk out both sides of her mouth.

Comment by John Johannessen of OR

Had she stayed in Alaska and buckled down doing the work of governor, relatively out of the media glare, maybe she would have gotten some results which would have burnished her resume when she runs for president. Instead, she quit because she wasn't having fun and didn't want to be a lame duck. Here in California, Arnold is a lame duck and probably isn't having too much fun right now, but at least he's not running away from the job he was elected to do. (And I'm no fan of Arnold.) Palin's proving she's too thin-skinned and irresponsible to be considered for any elected office.

Comment by Nancy of CA

Palin thinks Democrats and the MSM are being too tough on her? If she does run for president in 2012 how does she think her fellow Republicans will treat her? She won't be the only one running, and they will treat her as nasty, if not more so, than any other group.

Comment by Chris of MD

Maybe she is just tired and frustrated with politics and wants out of the rat race. She is a wife and mother. Maybe she just wants to stay home. She tried politics on the state and national level, and maybe she is sick of it all. Then again, maybe she is physically and/or emotionally sick. Lord knows, the media has hounded the lady to death and has treated her in ways I wouldn't want a dog to be treated. I'd say everyone needs to back off and leave her alone for awhile.

Comment by Mark of IA

If Sarah Palin were serious about avoiding a lame duck governorship, her option would be to avoid announcing that she wasn't running for a second term until a couple of months before the election. Instead, she bails early, leaving the voters who actually supported her in a lurch. Her action simply reinforces what was apparent when she was on the Republican ticket: She is not a clear thinker, she does not follow through on her commitments, and she is loyal to no one but herself.

Comment by Paul Henderson of WA

I've voted Republican since Ronald Reagan—sometimes because I liked who was running, but more often holding my nose and picking the lesser of two evils. If Sarah Palin is being viewed as the next big hope for Republicans, heaven help us. The woman cannot even put together one sentence that makes sense. It is time for a new party—a party of moderates. How can you be an extreme moderate?

Comment by Karen of IN

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