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June 2009

Contemplating Cash for Clunkers Bill

I have a '94 Chevy S-10 that will be traded in for a new car under the Cash for Clunkers Bill ["Cash for Clunkers - How to Qualify for a Rebate," U.S. News Rankings and Reviews]. There are plenty of new cars out there that meet the requirements of being over 5-10 mpg better than a trade-in car that ...

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Disapproval Over Healthcare Taxes

Folks in this country simply do not want to pay more in taxes to subsidize someone else's medical costs, while losing their freedom of choice.

Scott Anderson of NH in response to Washington Whispers:

A Big 'No' to Healthcare Taxes

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Iranian Dissent Shows Change Possible

The protests are changing the view many Westerners had of Iranians, for the better. Iranian citizens protesting against this regime should be applauded for taking a strong stance and not backing down.

Henry Baumden of AZ in response to Public Opinion:

Will the Protests in Iran Bring About Change?

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Questioning the Role of Government

There can be no better thing to do for your nation than to ponder the proper role of government. It is the fundamental foundation of our way of life and all things spring from this wellhead.

Jane Quatam of CA in response to Robert Schlesinger:

Self-Hating GOPers

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Key Cities for Great Living

The country's best kept secret is now out ["Best Places to Live 2009," usnews.com]. I am not surprised [about] the city. I moved back to Albuquerque in 2004 from Los Angeles. The city is a thriving mini metropolis. The cost of living is affordable, career opportunities are so abundant, and the ...

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Twitter as a College Learning Tool

I echo the question about the real academic impact of tools like Twitter ["Twitter Goes to College," usnews.com]. The usage described sounds interesting, relevant, and valid. But I begin to worry about how concepts like Web 2.0 and ubiquitous learning affect real learning. How do we help students ...

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Obama and Reagan

The current president has not been in office one year yet and has not been in politics 1/10th of the time Ronald Reagan had under his belt. You can't begin to compare the two.

Eric of CT in response to Washington Whispers:

Obama as Reagan: Don't Go There

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Dick Cheney for President in 2012

Cheney would make a great candidate for president: his strong conservative values on the economy and on social issues like abortion would definitely help him win over Republicans and his view on states deciding on gay marriage would help broaden his support across the entire nation.

Mike of NH in ...

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