Media Frenzy Over Michael Jackson's Death

The world has lost a major influence on culture and music, and everyone is moved by it ["Michael Jackson's Death Sends the Media Over the Edge"].

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The world has lost a major influence on culture and music, and everyone is moved by it ["Michael Jackson's Death Sends the Media Over the Edge,"]. It's like a piece of everyone's childhood has faded, and it seems surreal. What's sad is that most people are choosing to acknowledge his faults rather than his many accomplishments, including giving to others all around the world. Of course this news is big, reaching all ends of the world, but that is because he has impacted that many people, which is more than most people can say. So it'd be nice if some people would pay some respect to the deceased instead of lashing out at things they didn't like about him. Bless him and his family.

Comment by Christine of TX

Michael Jackson was not simply a "very good performer," he was one of the most powerful figureheads of our culture since the 1970s ... and he has died. He was a major force in the civil rights movement, breaking down racial barriers without politics or anger, simply through his music which everyone adored, black or white, male or female. Much is going on in the world ... but I don't think there is any shame or inappropriateness in respecting a man who has given so much joy to multiple generations, all around the world. He is more than a singer. He is more than a dancer. He is more than "Jacko." He is Michael Jackson. No one comes close to his level of legend, except perhaps Elvis or Lennon ... and even that is debatable. Rest in peace, Michael. I just hope you know how much love is pouring out to you from all around the world ... people did not show you this when you were alive.

Comment by Elle of CA

There was only one thing people wanted to talk and hear about last night: Michael Jackson. That's the definition of news. Of course it warranted the media attention. He was one of the most famous people in the world. He was an icon of the order of Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, and the Beatles. There was no other news story that came close. Anyone in the news business would know that.

Comment by Michael of NJ

I'll be contrarian here and say MJ's death is tragic (as most of the last 10 years of his life was) and if the media want to mourn for a couple of days for the passing of a singer whose career spanned 40 years, who helped break down racial barriers in music, who transformed and revitalized a dying industry, and who entertained millions, let them. Healthcare reform, climate change, the financial crisis, the new Iranian revolution (maybe), and Jon & Kate will all be around next week.

Comment by John of VA

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