Reacting to Obama's Slow Going on Gay Rights

Chatter: The President is moving way too slowly on fulfilling his pledges to the gay community ["It's Slow Going on Gay Rights Issues for Obama,"].

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The President is moving way too slowly on fulfilling his pledges to the gay community ["It's Slow Going on Gay Rights Issues for Obama,"]. It's also disappointing how little pressure he is getting on this issue from the media. For example, was there even one question in today's new conference about this issue?

Comment by Tim of WA

The extension of access to long-term care insurance for same sex partners is an excellent step forward in urging Americans to plan for the likelihood of needing long-term care. This is certainly an issue for all; but often especially true for same-sex partners. The federal government offers an excellent plan of protection that can be highly affordable. It's well worth looking at when open enrollment time comes around. As a group plan, discounts that can be available outside of the federal plan may not be available. A number of insurers offer discounts for same-sex partners living together. When you couple these discounts with good health discounts, individuals may be able to buy better coverage for less money. It's worth comparing.

Comment by Jesse Slome of CA Executive Director, American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance

While it is a very small step it is at least some acknowledgement towards the gay rights movement. However I say kudos to those who continue to fight for such a just cause. Gay marriage is no different from any other type of marriage- nor should it be treated any different.

Comment by Matt Jones of GA

Nice gesture—but President Obama did not provide any benefits not already available to federal employees. Congress, when passing Long Term Care legislation, allowed it to be extended to domestic partners. It was President Bush's appointee to Director of the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) (the office that manages the federal workforce) who chose not to do so. Also, using the term "benefit" is a bit of a stretch—the federal government doesn't pick up a dime of the insurance premiums. All of the costs are paid completely by the employee. Regarding family sick leave, it also has always been available to care for anyone, who by their close association to the employee could be considered a "family member." As with the Long Term Care insurance, calling it a benefit is also a stretch. It doesn't provide any additional leave above what an employee normally earns.

Comment by John of NJ

Gay people should not be discriminated against in a country that supposedly prides itself on freedom, liberty, and equality. I don't get why overt, legalized prejudice in jobs, families, the military, in schools and elsewhere is still here! The U.S. needs to grow up now.

Comment by JJ of TN

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