A Rocky Relationship: Obama and Congress

Frankly, I'm really fed up with both parties in congress ["Obama's Congressional Friends (and Foes): What Do You Think?" usnews.com].


Frankly, I'm really fed up with both parties in Congress ["Obama's Congressional Friends (and Foes): What Do You Think?" usnews.com]. They've forgotten why they were sent there. I'd like to see more cooperation on both sides for the good of our country and the citizens. The last time I voted Republican was after Reagan's first term. I have in the past voted for independents to show my disapproval, all to no avail. It's my belief that Obama is trying to do a good job, but can't do it all on his own. He isn't perfect, but he knows that. After eight years of inept Bush, I think it's time for a change in the way Republicans operate instead of constantly on the attack.

Comment by Shirley J. Boren of MO

Our congressional system in Washington is broken. Bi-partisanship is dead. The two parties can not agree on anything of importance to the public, for fear of angering or reflecting desertion from its congressional party. If this administration fails as so many of our senators and congressmen desire to see happen, what benefit will the country reap from the blame game or I told you so four years from now? Put the well being of the country first and the party affiliation second. The media seem to be having a ball expressing its personal view of each and every issue. They seem to be the deciding factor.

Comment by W Pryor of TX

The president is playing Congress like a banjo! They have lost sight of their constitutional responsibilities, leaving me with the impression that they think they are doing the nation a favor by passing legislation that may ruin our system of government as we know it. The sense of humility and serving others is almost totally absent. Their willingness to "sell their souls" for re-election and the perks that go with it are, to put it mildly, mind boggling. I've got to give it to him, Obama is a master at manipulation in the fullest sense of the word, and I hope and pray he is as brilliant as he thinks he is!

Comment by Tom Braddock of CA

For the many negative comments regarding stimulus money and the economy, I don't see a single thought given, as to how President Obama could have done it differently. Sure he could have let the banks fail and the big corporations as well, but is that prudent? I agree that he is doing all he can to fix the inherited mess the Republicans left us. As for those who say that President Obama isn't qualified to be president, may I remind you that by today's standards Abraham Lincoln and many other past presidents would not qualify to be president. We should support our president and give his measures time to work.

Comment by Alice Bubello of MA

The GOP, at least most of them and especially the leaders, simply say no to everything the president or the Democrats propose. They do this so that if things go wrong they can tell the voters "I told you so," and thus have a chance of getting the Congress back. The opposition party's job is not just to oppose the majority and the president. They are supposed to offer alternative views and show good reasons why those views have merit. They have not done this so far. It's a sad state of affairs that stifles progress and reform.

Comment by Bruce of CO

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