GOP, Healthcare Reform, and Obama on ABC

Why shouldn't ABC allow opinion from all sides on this important issue ["ABC Says No to GOP Ads During Obama Healthcare Special,"]?

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Why shouldn't ABC allow opinion from all sides on this important issue ["ABC Says No to GOP Ads During Obama Healthcare Special,"]? It's unfortunate ABC has decided to leave out an important segment of the U.S. voting and television watching public. In response, Republicans should boycott all ABC programming and advertisers. Maybe then ABC will get the point.

Comment by Steve S. of TX

I don't really see why the GOP is that angry. I am sure if Mr. Steele asked Fox News they would be more than happy to host the same type of discussion for the GOP to promote their ideas. I would actually like to hear the Republican's take on healthcare, besides saying Obama's plan is a disaster. I am talking actual solutions though, not senseless attacks. I also agree that if you don't want to listen to Obama then don't watch it! It's not like it's mandated.

Comment by Chrissy of DE

The competition of capitalism has proven itself time and again that it generates a better quality product. Capitalism is at the heart of our American ideals and lifestyle. Give people the choice and let the market sort out the winners and losers, that's how we do it here. It's simply the conservative American ideals at their best. It seems the American solution should be to give people the choice between public and private healthcare systems. Let the people choose their healthcare options. Oh wait ... isn't that what the liberal president is proposing?

Comment by Marcus of CA

I guess ABC is free to show whatever they want, within the bounds of common decency. We are each free to watch ABC or not. If they go ahead with the Obama infomercial and deny the showing of the views of others who represent a majority in this country, I for one am going to remove our local ABC affiliate from my television's "found station" list. I don't think I am going to miss it much.

Comment by Chris of NM

The Republicans had six years in the last eight years when both the president and the majority in Congress was theirs. Why didn't they use that opportunity to implement their "plan for meaningful, genuine healthcare reform?" Now they want to make a big fuss when the president wants to get buy-in time with the public to talk about what he wants to do?

Comment by Ryan of IN

Whatever happened to an objective press willing to "print" both sides and let the readers make up their own minds? Do we not have the ability to think for ourselves and decipher truth from fiction?

Comment by Nanci Jennings of MI

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