Sportsmanship, Handshakes, and LeBron James

In my humble opinion, not shaking or giving congratulations does not make LeBron James a poor sport ["NBA Star LeBron James Is a Bad Sport--Let's Shake on That,"].

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In my humble opinion, not shaking or giving congratulations does not make LeBron James a poor sport ["NBA Star LeBron James Is a Bad Sport--Let's Shake on That,"]. If you ever played the sport of basketball or any sport, there are times that this happens, and it is not unusual. It does confirm his competitive nature. As much as the media and those who live their lives off the scrutinizing of athletes must understand, athletes are human, and being such, have the right to express themselves in any manner they wish within the law. I'm sure LeBron will acknowledge the Orlando's Magic success in the near future.

Comment by John H. of MD

In my opinion it's all about class and how you handle yourself. LeBron has quite the ego (can you really blame him after watching the way ESPN and all other sports media kiss his feet?). Let's be honest, the Magic dominated the Cavs in game 6 and he was embarrassed ... his ego was bruised and he handled it poorly.

Comment by John of NY

LeBron is a true competitor as he enthusiastically shows throughout games. That you can't argue with, but that is no excuse to be a bad sport. LeBron should have been reprimanded by the NBA for his actions to make an example of him and show other NBA players those actions won't be tolerated. Now, there is no precedent of what is and isn't acceptable as far as sportsmanship goes. If another poor sport player mimics LeBron's actions, then will David Stern take action? Probably so. Either way, the Orlando Magic have proven themselves in this postseason amongst all the haters, and it's time for them to bring home the ring.

Comment by Lauren of VA

A few years ago the Dodgers and the Cardinals came out of their dugouts at the end of their game and shook hands with each other. Thought it was a good idea then and I still do now. It may seem like a formality but it sets a tone of civility and honor among opposing sides in any contest, something that is sorely needed throughout our society.

Comment by Al of CA

The writer has never been a competitor, at least not at a high level. Throughout the entire season (actually the past five seasons he has been part of the NBA), LeBron James has shown nothing but good sportsmanship. After completing the marathon season and postseason that is the NBA and going from being the best team in basketball, the MVP ... to losing in the Eastern Conference final, well its not easy to handle. He, like every other human, needed a few moments to calm down, cool off, and focus on what is important. LeBron James is the type of person you want your kids to look up to. He is humble, hard working, a leader, and does not make poor decisions with his fame, even though it came at such a young age. Also the NBA in general is, in my opinion, the best professional sport organization. They are focused on service, humility, and maintaining professionalism. Compare that to baseball and football where everyone is taking steroids, shooting themselves on accident, or hurting animals.

Comment by Ellen of OR

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