A Reality Check for Jon & Kate and Nadya Suleman

Since when does it take millions to raise a large family ["Nadya Suleman, Jon & Kate: Making Money on TV," usnews.com]?

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Since when does it take millions to raise a large family ["Nadya Suleman, Jon & Kate: Making Money on TV," usnews.com]? If Jon went back to work in IT (which he seems to want to do) and Kate went back to nursing, they could live comfortably. Would they be lavished with a million dollar home, free trips, and other generous perks? No, but so goes real life. Jon and Kate are suffering from greed. As for octomom, she's got a few screws loose. No one in their right mind would go in for IVF when they already had 6 children, were unmarried, and unemployed.

Comment by Angela of MD

Both TLC and the Gosselins are equally complicit in the exploitation issue. Rather than do what is morally right, putting the children's best interests first, both choose greed. From all reports, the Gosselins have made more than enough money to live comfortably for a very long time. It appears that Jon wishes to withdraw from the show, but Kate wants to continue for her own selfish reasons. It is no longer about the children. As for TLC, I have lost all respect for them. The recent statements put out by their spokesperson were blatant lies. Anyone who has watched this show would know that they cannot possibly film 40 episodes in a six-month period by filming only four hours a week. I am ecstatic that Pennsylvania's Department of Labor has launched an investigation into the working conditions for these children. TLC and the Gosselin parents should be ashamed of themselves!

Comment by Debbie of CA

If my Nana & Pop could have seven kids in eight years on an Air Force officer's salary between 1964 and 1972 without a reality TV show, then perhaps it is feasible to raise kids without the millions of dollars they think necessary. You learn to not buy every toy in the store. My mom only had bacon three times a year (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter). The only movie my mom remembers the entire family going to see was Star Wars. And back then, you didn't buy a house with as many bedrooms as family members, so there were a lot of bunk beds. I suppose the lesson is don't have kids if you're not willing to make the sacrifices to support them. As long as they have food, shelter, clothing, and access to education, they'll be happy.

Comment by Veronica of NY

Why is TLC exploiting families with more airtime as the problems get worse? TLC should be providing more security and taking a long hard look at its own morals. Allow private time for hurting families and offer counseling. The networks are dangling carrots (money) to people unaccustomed to a lavish lifestyle. Who doesn't want more? Who wouldn't sign up for the opportunity to give this to their family? It's TLC's fault for pushing them so hard.

Comment by Tracy of ME

Most people determine if they can afford to have one child and raise it to adulthood. They don't have multiple children expecting the taxpayers or some reality show deal to pay for them. From an environmental perspective, people should be encouraged to reproduce no more than two children. However in response to that, I would like to say that I live in the United States of America. I have no wish to live in a country like China. A government does not have any right to determine how many children a couple should be allowed to have.

Comment by Miranda of OH

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