Is There Room for Moderates in the GOP?

It's long past time for Sens. Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins to leave the GOP ["Two Republican Moderates in Senate Worry About Future of GOP"].

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It's long past time for Sens. Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins to leave the GOP ["Two Republican Moderates in Senate Worry About Future of GOP,"]. I jumped for joy when Arlen Specter left. We don't need RINOs like Collins, Snowe, or Colin Powell. They should join the independents or the Democrats. We need "real" Republicans. Snowe and Collins cannot leave soon enough for me. I agree with Senator DeMint that he would rather have 30 solid Republicans than 41 wishy-washy ones. Amen to that.

Comment by Greg of TX

There is no such thing as a moderate Republican anymore. That party has utterly vanished. What were once moderate Republicans now fall into the ideology of conservative Democrats. Republicans now are the Constitution Party, but talk as if they are trying to be Libertarian in some way. These past years, the Republicans have become less about their tradition and more about filling each other's pockets and leading the charge on evangelical issues. I, certainly, can never go back. No matter how much they change, I can never again trust the GOP to follow through. They really did our country harm from 2000-2008. I can't say I'm a moderate Republican anymore. I don't even know what that is. I understand the pride of tradition, loyalty, and history. I did not leave my party. My party left me. And then they lost as they deserved to, they talked of secession. That's why I voted against re-electing Gordon Smith, here in Oregon. No sense helping the Constitution Party parade in the clothing of Republicans.

Comment by David of OR

The problem with all Republicans is that they have become lazy. There is no energy, creativity or the like. I get tired of hearing the same old mantra. I don't like whiners either ... Ms. Collins or Ms. Snowe. Personally, I think down deep they would prefer to be Democrats. Not sure what is keeping them from jumping. We need young, fire-in-the-belly people in the Senate. We will not get the House back for a while, so they should look for "reasonable people" who know the principles of conservatism and the Republican Party. We need to get off our rear ends and get busy on the Internet recruiting. We have too many old-timers who have the same old line.

Comment by Jeremey LeBlanc of TX

The problem with Snowe and Collins is that the party can't count on them on critical votes. You never see the Democrats abandoning their party on party line issues. Yeah, they allow some to drift, but when they need the numbers they all come together. Snowe and Collins want to be part of "the Republican club" but they don't want to pay their dues. What's the difference between a part-time Republican and a Democrat ... not much.

Comment by Bob of CA

Politicians that are really liberals or progressives but call themselves Republicans only to get elected are the reason why the GOP numbers are down. It takes more than calling yourself a Republican to be one—Snowe and Collins are the proof along with many other RINOs in the government. Republicans have been acting like Democrats for far too long and true Republicans are fed up with all of them—that is the true reason why the Republican numbers are down.

Comment by John Eyster of VA

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