The Obama Date Night Backlash

How else is Obama supposed to get to New York [Republicans Grumble as Obamas Jet to New York and Taxpayers Pick Up Tab,]?

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How else is Obama supposed to get to New York [Republicans Grumble as Obamas Jet to New York and Taxpayers Pick Up Tab,]? He has to take whatever transportation the Secret Service tells him to! And I'm sure he paid for dinner and the show himself, every other time the Obamas have "date night" he pays! I think it's inspiring to see a happily married couple in the White House. I have never seen a president enjoy his family more than Obama, and we should all see their "date nights" as an example of one way to maintain a healthy marriage. The first family has (and practices) better family values than any Republican I can think of.

Comment by Jasmine of NJ

Every president has what is literally a second White House. Reagan and Bush #43 had their ranches, Bush #41 had Kennebunkport, Maine. They can spend time there and still fully function as president. Presidents are actually expected to designate such a site, and I don't have a problem with that. Time noted as "vacation" really isn't. This "date" was nothing like that. A night on the town at the expense of tens of thousands of dollars to taxpayers ... that's just insane. I don't care what condition the economy is in, this is wrong at any time. Couldn't they go to Georgetown, Alexandria, or the Kennedy Center? Camp David?

Comment by Ken of PA

Please, all the whining and complaining about Obama's trip to NYC pales in comparison to the billions Bush took from this country. Where is the outcry when Bush got us into this mess in the first place. Hypocrites. I for one am very glad the Obama's came to NYC and supported our restaurants and the arts. Good for them for showing how a loving couple does things right!

Sam of NY

There are a lot of people out of work who can't afford to go to a movie and here we have the president and his wife spending our tax dollars to take a helicopter, airplane, and limos to go to dinner and the theater in New York—on our tab. The way our economy is does not warrant him "living it up" when the rest of the country is hurting. This is another slap in the face to Americans. The news media loved it—but we Americans are livid.

Comment by Carol of VA

The guy (i.e., the president) wanted to take his wife to NYC for a date ... very cool! It just so happens he is the president and security requires government transportation. Here's just another example of the Republicans trying to stir up something that all past presidents have done. Give me a break!

Comment by George S. of TX

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