Republican Liz Cheney, Former VP's Daughter, a New GOP Force?

Liz Cheney for Congress is probably a good idea ["Conservatives: Liz Cheney Should Run for Office,"].


Liz Cheney for Congress is probably a good idea ["Conservatives: Liz Cheney Should Run for Office,"]. I saw her on Fox with Sean Hannity, and she's a strong and articulate defender of her father's policies, and much better looking! This doesn't mean that every politician's daughter should get into politics—the Bush daughters have gone their own way, and we haven't seen much of Chelsea Clinton lately. But Liz Cheney has a good head on her shoulders, and the Cheney name might help. The question becomes, where would she run? Wyoming is reliably Republican anyway, so there would be no point in her trying to oust another Republican. Maybe she should run in a swing district in Texas, or possibly in Virginia if she wants to live in the D.C. area.

Comment by Steve Z. of CT

I hope Elizabeth Cheney will strongly consider running for president, so much so that I have written her asking her to consider it. She is the leader we have been waiting to emerge; and the appeal is that she is so strong on family. I know she has me and my family in mind as she considers this country's needs. I would gladly help by being a nanny to her children when or if she needed it, to focus on business as required as president. As the years proceed her children age and her career grows, so by 2012 I hope the opportunity appears possible and that she will consider it and announce a very early candidacy. I don't know about you, but I am in need of real "hope" these days.

Comment by Angela of AZ

We shouldn't have dynasties for their own sake ... but we shouldn't disqualify people just because they come from famous families either. Unlike, say, Caroline Kennedy, Liz Cheney is very accomplished and has an outstanding resume. Nobody could credibly claim that she isn't superbly qualified to be in Congress. You need only to look at her resume.

Comment by Clifford V. Smith of WA

Liz has emerged as a voice for the party, and others should take note. This is the voice of true common sense conservatism that will take us back to our roots. It's great to watch her win the smack-downs when liberals try to intimidate her! Keep talking, Liz, people are listening!

Comment by Sandy of VA

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