Obama's Air Force One Flyover Mess; School Lunches

This story makes no sense to me. If you wanted a picture of Air Force One in front of the Statue of Liberty, why not just Photoshop a picture of it ["Air Force One" Flyover Incident an Embarrassment, usnews.com]?

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Air Force One Photo Op Outrage

This story makes no sense to me. If you wanted a picture of Air Force One in front of the Statue of Liberty, why not just Photoshop a picture of it ["Air Force One" Flyover Incident an Embarrassment, usnews.com]? Another thing, could you imagine what would have happened and the public reaction would have been if Bush would have been in office when this happened? This whole thing seems fishy to me, like someone is hiding something, and this is just some kind of a cover story. Because really, why would you need fighter jets following and leading Air Force One around? And who was taking the picture? And where are these pictures? I want answers.

Comment by Seth B. of WI

How anyone can justify the use of taxpayers' money solely to increase the public exposure of a private person/group (President Obama and the Democratic Party, respectively) is beyond me. He is already one of the most famous presidents of all time and since he is already incumbent, he should no longer need to rely on publicity stunts of any kind. Could anyone tell me why it is not illegal for someone to use taxpayers' money for one's own private advertisement?

Comment by William Ehrbright of MN

Apparently no one here is able to understand that the cost was for the flight training. It had nothing to do with the location or the photography. It is fine to complain about the lack of consideration for the people of NYC, but if you hate the cost, then you need to be complaining about the huge military budget.

Comment by L.D. Cornell of MN

Let's just say this. Even if you are stupid enough to believe that our president had no idea of a planned photo shoot of Air Force One flying over NYC, if he really didn't, then that is pretty scary ... what happens when it's a real terrorist attack, who will he blame then?

Comment by Mark of NY

In looking at the cost of this ill-advised flyover ($329,000), one has to wonder what those dim wits were thinking, or were they thinking at all? I know that they have much better Photoshop capabilities than we do, and they can put Air Force One on the moon if they want. But no, they have to fly low and slow over a city that lost thousands of its citizens in an attack using aircraft. Instead of doing it fast, cheap, and easy they do it the hard way and in the process send thousands of New Yorkers running into the streets. President Obama, it's your job to see to it that this kind of thing never happens again and next time have your people think Photoshop and save us a few hundred thousand bucks.

Comment by Donald B. of CA

Lobbying for Healthy School Lunches

I remember how bad school food was when I was a student years ago, and unfortunately, it's gotten even worse ["Malia and Sasha Obama Urged to Join Veggie Campaign," usnews.com]. More processed meat, more cheesy pizza, and even less fruits and vegetables. If we don't do something about it now, it's never going to change. It's really never too early to start teaching children about nutrition. It's in these school cafeterias that kids learn about food and develop eating habits that end up lasting their whole lives.

Comment by Ann of MD

As a vegan and someone who cares deeply about animals and the environment, I think this is awesome. The state of school lunches is abysmal, just ask any teacher. If Malia and Sasha Obama aren't interested, then no big deal, but this is a great opportunity to do something fun and healthy and meaningful in their (national) community! Yay, healthy food!

Comment by Megan of CA

I'm so glad someone is urging a healthier, more compassionate, more environmentally-friendly way of eating in this country! I can't think of one good reason why someone would have a problem with wanting children to be healthy and to help the world around them. Wyntergrace Williams is a role model for all of us—adults and children alike—who want a healthier, kinder planet. She's got a fight ahead of her, since there are big industries with big money on the other side of the playing field, but you know what? Sometimes common sense and decency do rule the day, and I believe it will here!

Comment by Gretchen Primack of NY

What a great initiative. School lunches were horrifying when I attended public school 10 years ago, and from what I've heard, they've only gotten worse. I was fortunate enough to be able to pack my own lunches (although it sure seemed like a pain at the time), but the students who are most in need of better nutrition might not be able to do that. It's of paramount importance to get more healthful foods into our public schools. If vegetarian meals are a way to do that, right on.

Comment by Joel of CA

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