Democrats, Republicans, and Bill Maher

It is most unfortunate that Mary Kate Cary has taken offense at Bill Maher's article about the Republican Party and its "base" ["Bill Maher's Angry Rant Is Wrong About Republicans and Mainstream America,"].


It is most unfortunate that Mary Kate Cary has taken offense at Bill Maher's article about the Republican Party and its "base" ["Bill Maher's Angry Rant Is Wrong About Republicans and Mainstream America,"]. She claims it is "mean" and "angry" in tone. I, on the other hand, find his comments to be factual, reasonable, and well thought out. The rationality of his argument belies any "angry" intention on his part. Rather, the feelings of "anger" belong to the Republicans and most of their supporters as they breech acceptable levels of discourse in their rants against President Obama, Democrats, knee-jerk liberals, and their ilk. They were apoplectic in their irrational derision of our president even before his inauguration. I can understand Ms. Cary's frustration though, since she was unable to refute the opinions that Bill Maher so ably expressed with rational arguments of her own!

Comment by David Bard of CA

I think ignoring people who just call names and restate stereotypes is the best approach. Otherwise you elevate their debasing talk to the level of a worthy discourse on politics, this country, and the future of both. It is worthwhile to state for the record that you are not a racist when you are called one because if you remain silent, some might take that as an admission of guilt. However, going any further than that is unnecessary and will likely bring you down to Maher's level of discourse, which is hateful, bigoted, and unproductive.

Comment by John Bynum of TX

Since Obama took office, the Republican Party has simply moved into mindless opposition mode. From Rush Limbaugh hoping for national failure, Cheney positioning the GOP as the torture party, the ridiculous windmill alternative budgets, the tea parties with their healthy sprinklings of goofballs of one sort and another, to the faux outrage over the Chavez handshake, it's all calculated to make the GOP look exceptionally foolish. Maher makes his living poking fun at foolish behavior, so you can hardly blame him when the GOP presents him with a target as big as an elephant. There's a mountain of evidence to demonstrate that it's doing no harm whatever to Obama, who gets stronger by the day. Ms. Cary needs to show some maturity and point out to her compadres where they are going wrong, but instead she produces this plaintive little bit of whining about a comedian doing his job.

Comment by John of CT

Maher is a classic left-wing pseudo intellectual media personality who is in a tizzy because people don't agree with him, so they must be insulted. We need to face the fact that there are now two distinct nations with distinct cultural and political values occupying the same space. The question is no longer if we will have a civil war, its only a question of when. My guess is 2010.

Comment by Jeff of MD

Excellent observations! Republicans need to huddle and come up with better plays. Cutting taxes cannot be the reply to everything. President Obama admitted early on that he's not perfect, like us. So pointing out where he may stumble does not help our country. Give him a hand—that is help him help us. Offer constructive criticism instead of criticism for criticism's sake and the Republican Party may prevent the further implosion of its party.

Comment by Keith of MA

People, quit playing into the "us vs. them," "left vs. right," "liberal vs. conservative" junk that's divided our country. Each side thinks it's about change, but it's just a different side of the same bad penny. Nothing changes. When you play partisan for one side or the other, you're playing a losing game and allowing yourselves to be tools for corruption and incompetence on both sides. The only place this division leads is civil war. That is not an exaggeration; it is the only possible outcome of this path of division. It was bad under Clinton, worse under Bush, and is intolerable under Obama. It needs to stop. Now. Those that pander to the left or right are not the only viewpoints out there. It is possible for someone to disagree with our president and not be a racist or anti-American. It's even possible for someone to protest high taxes and bailouts, and not be a Republican.

Comment by Rich of CO

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