Miss California and Gay Marriage

I was thrilled to hear Miss California stand up for her beliefs ["Miss California, Carrie Prejean: Finally, a Public Figure for Conservative Christians to Love," usnews.com].


I was thrilled to hear Miss California stand up for her beliefs ["Miss California, Carrie Prejean: Finally, a Public Figure for Conservative Christians to Love," usnews.com]. Way to go girl! In today's society, those of us who do have differing opinions are made to feel we are wrong, tainted, or biased. While in fact, we, like the gays and proponents of gay marriage, have opinions and belief systems. It doesn't mean that we can't exist in the same space; it does mean we come from a different belief system—one that is thousands of years old, and one that comes from a higher source than Perez Hilton. I was thrilled to see this beautiful young woman stand firm in her biblical belief and to speak openly about her faith in God and Jesus Christ.

Comment by Olivia Haller of SC

Many people are failing to see that Carrie Prejean's answer was discriminatory in nature. She was not punished for speaking her mind; she was punished for spreading bigotry. Discrimination is treating someone differently because of race, sex, or sexual preference. If it helps you see the difference, change the word gay to a specific race in her answer. It is that simple. Marriage should be about love not sex. People should stop using religion and God to continue promoting hate and bigotry. If you oppose gay marriage, do not marry anyone of the same sex and carry on with your life.

Comment by Alej of CA

No matter what your view is on the subject of gay marriage, the real issue here is intolerance. It's sad to see those who have fought so hard against intolerance (gays) now use a position of power to be intolerant to those like Carrie who disagree with them. Was she "gay-bashing" or disrespectful? No, but she was treated the same as if she was.

Comment by Tim of TX

I was so proud of Miss California when I saw the news playing back her response to the question about gay marriage. I personally do not think that political questions are appropriate unless given equally to all participants; however the bottom line was that the question was asked. Carrie Prejean was honest and articulate. Would we have wanted a Miss USA who was dishonest, saying what others wanted to hear, and caring more about a crown than what she believes to be right? Absolutely not. In my eyes Carrie Prejean is the winner! It is my hope that she will have an opportunity to know how many are supporting her for her decision.

Comment by Amy of NY

It is great that someone wants to answer a question truthfully. Unfortunately though, the answer that was given by Miss California was not an answer fitting this time and age, but belonged in a 19th-century scenario. The answer did not show any progress or understanding for a changing world and acceptance. And therefore the answer was the wrong answer, devoid of any intelligence, and should not have been uttered. Nothing to do with any religion, just common sense.

Comment by Brigitte B. of FL

As a man married to one woman for the past 25 years, I ask: Why is same-sex marriage considered "unchristian?" Is there a passage in the Bible that defines marriage as being between "one man and one woman?" Why are some heterosexuals bothered so much, seemingly threatened by, same-sex marriage? It doesn't have any impact on me or the marriage my wife and I have.

Comment by E. Cramer of NY

I totally admire her for her courage and conviction. It's such a shame and so saddening how she has been treated by Perez Hilton and others because of what she said. He is the one who asked the question, and he is the one acting like a childish immature little boy because he can't handle her answer. Had she answered the way he wanted her to, she'd have been his hero. It all goes to show you that unless you think and act like the homosexual community, then you will be labeled with many derogatory names, you will be vilified, you will be condemned, and you will not be tolerated. They demand tolerance yet they refuse to give it to those who do not support or think like them. It's very hypocritical. Carrie has carried herself with nothing but grace and character. She's been polite, kind, and respectful. Her character really outshines Hilton's in so many ways. And I applaud her for the way she has handled this. Even though it's been very unfair for her, she has not complained or acted childish or ever regretted what she said.

Comment by Ashleigh of CA

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