Strip Searches in Schools and Tea Party Protests

I do not believe that a school should be able to order a strip search of a student, even by the same-sex teachers ["Student Strip-Search Case Moves to Supreme Court,"].


School Strip-Search Scandal

I do not believe that a school should be able to order a strip search of a student, even by the same-sex teachers ["Student Strip-Search Case Moves to Supreme Court,"]. If a search is deemed necessary, contact parents and bring in the police to conduct the search. There must be evidence as to why a search is in order and not just a suspicion. If the evidence doesn't pass a legal test with the police, then no search.

Comment by Steve of NY

As a female assistant principal, I have had to search students for drugs and weapons but never ever had them undress to bra and panties. It was usually sufficient to check pockets, book bags, cars, or coats to find drugs/weapons. Believe me, there are a lot of drugs and weapons brought to school that the public never hears about. In addition, there are a lot that I didn't catch. I had students flaunt to my face the fact that I didn't catch them. Eventually, they did get caught. How would you feel if it was your child that took the prescription drugs given by the other student and your child had to be taken to the hospital? How would you feel if your child told me that another student had a weapon, and I couldn't do anything about it because I wasn't allowed to search them? You can't imagine the awesome responsibility it is to be an administrator in school with 1,800-plus students. I chose this career because the rewards of seeing students achieve far outweigh the daily criminal activity. We, as administrators, should be able to do whatever it takes to protect your children from the dangers of drugs and weapons. Don't you want your children to be safe at school? If so, then help get the drugs, weapons, and other criminal activity out of the schools.

Comment by Yvonne of NC

I think it is deplorable for this to happen in our public school system. I don't think this girl should ever have been treated this way, especially only on the word of another student. The police and parents should have been involved in the case of a strip search and not the school system. It is not their decision to make. I hope the school employees get what is coming to them. This would have been classified as inappropriate behavior in any other setting and the person would most likely be designated as a sexual predator.

Comment by Tony B. Nelson of SC

This is another example of the outrageous violation of our individual privacy and individual freedoms. This girl should have a fundamental 4th amendment right to privacy. But unfortunately, the conservative Justices Scalia, Thomas, Alito, and Roberts will probably rule against her right to privacy, as they almost always do in cases involving our first amendment rights to free speech, 4th amendment rights to privacy, and all of our individual freedoms. Justice Kennedy will most likely be the deciding vote in this case, with Justices Souter, Breyer, Ginsburg, and Stevens (the liberal, individual freedom fighting side) ruling in favor of the girl's 4th amendment right to privacy. The liberal side of the court is the side that values individual freedom and privacy, not the conservative side of the court. This case will probably be a 5 to 4 ruling either against her right to privacy, or for her right to privacy, depending on how Justice Kennedy rules in this case. When are the people in our country going to wake up and realize that the conservative justices nominated by the Republican presidents deprive people of their individual freedoms and rights to privacy?

Comment by Dan of NV

Takes on the Tea Party Protests

Why is it that liberal commentators have such a hard time understanding what the new American tea party protests were about ["Democrats Hysterical Over Tea Party Republicans,"]? It's really simple: They were a response to a concept and plan proffered by President Obama that is based on the premise that all we have to do is spend money, and we can end the economic crisis. Many people in America—and I am one of them—find it difficult to make that logic work. I tried it back when I was in my 20s, broke and naive. The result: I got broker. The suggestion that we shouldn't worry about it because "taxes aren't going up for 95 percent of Americans" is insulting. Do they think Americans are so ignorant as to believe that getting a tax break in 2010 will justify mortgaging our children's future? I didn't attend the Dallas tea party in my neighborhood, but you can bet I will be at the next one.

Comment by Brian White of TX

It's the right-wing pundits who are in a lather about the generally dismissive coverage of the tea parties. On the left, the prevailing emotion seems to be frustration. First, because the events appear to have been orchestrated by Fox rather than the "grassroots" movement they were purported to have been. Second, because of their incoherence. Were they about taxes? But taxes aren't going up for 95 percent of Americans. About balancing the budget or government spending? Then why on April 15? These rather small gatherings instead seem to have been a general anti-Obama happening ... under the guise of a "spontaneous" tax revolt. That's frustrating rather than enraging.

Comment by Evan Adamson of NY

I'm surprised that progressives have dismissed the tea party protests as "incoherent." Have they actually seen an anti-war protest? I saw the one they had in Washington, D.C., and it wasn't an anti-"war" protest; it was an anti-anything protest. Everything from save the whales to death to capitalism. I saw the tea party protests on television and while they were at times bouncing back and forth between taxes and the national debt, they at least limited it to two subjects. If the progressives believe the tea party protests were much ado about nothing, why do they continue to talk about them? Personally, I don't think much will happen from these protests. After all, these are working men and women who have lives, careers, and families to care for.

Comment by David of VA

The tea party movement isn't merely about taxes; it's about rampant government spending. The movement isn't about taxes today—it's about how high taxes will need to go to pay off Obama's multitrillion-dollar deficits. For those who like to protest that "taxes aren't going up for 95 percent of Americans," where exactly do you think the money will come from? If your knee jerked "the rich," then you need to check out IRS statistics. You're in for a very bad shock, assuming you can face reality. It's also about the huge expansion of big, strong government into every corner of our lives. Sure, the left shrugs and says, "So? That's a good thing." Most of us are going to demonstrate that it is not.

Comment by Paul of NJ

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