Rick Perry and Texas Secession Talk

I live in Texas, and I was never made aware of any "poll" on whether or not I wanted to stay or leave the United States ["Texas Secession? Perry, One Third of Texans Are Wrong: Texas Can't Secede," usnews.com].


I live in Texas, and I was never made aware of any "poll" on whether or not I wanted to stay or leave the United States ["Texas Secession? Perry, One Third of Texans Are Wrong: Texas Can't Secede," usnews.com]. And the answer is a resounding NO! This talk about secession is not right. I don't see anything good coming of this whatsoever. We need a new governor ... and fast! Remember, Rick Perry is the same man that tried to bully a state trooper when he was pulled over in a traffic stop, saying, "Why don't you just let us get on down the road." Excuse me, but in Perry's speech, I'll agree with one thing he said ... it is time for Texans to stand up. Stand up and tell him to "get on down the road." Perry's message basically is saying that times are tough and things are rough so we're going to abandon ship. That's just a load of bunk in my humble opinion. I'm proud to be a Texan, and I am even prouder to be a citizen of the United States. And this whole thing came as a complete shock to me today when I stumbled upon it. I'm just flabbergasted.

Comment by Lynn of TX

Funny how folks in the federal government blather loud and long about freedom, liberty, and the right to self-determination, as long as it happens somewhere else. The desire for an alternative to heavy-handed policies, taxation without reason or appropriate representation, and freedom from meddling government was key in the 13 colonies' separation from Britain and the formation of the United States. Secession is only illegal in the eyes of those who would no longer control the lands, wealth, and citizens of the seceded region.

Comment by R. Jensen of TX

I find this story to be one of the most amusing in years. I would be absolutely delighted to see Texas secede from the union and become and independent country. The advantages to the rest of the United States would be absolutely enormous. Of course, Fox News would lose half of their American audience.

Comment by Tony Justin of MO

Regardless of the legal merits of secession from the United States as it now exists, both sides could come to an agreement. Why can't the United States and Texas simply agree to a separation? Czechoslovakia was a forced union during most of the 20th century that finally agreed to a peaceful split into the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic. It has been very good for both sides. This is probably the most rational course of action in the future. No war will be fought, a simple agreement to form a separate nation. And Texas and the United States would continue to have rich economic ties. Let's think win-win.

Comment by Tome of TX

As a conservative, I was appalled that a governor of a state would make a statement like that. After 600,000+ people died in the War Between the States [Civil War], I believe that question has been answered. This is no longer a voluntary union. End of story. It is either silly or dangerous for someone in his position to talk like that.

Comment by Martin Stuart of SC

America is about states rights, not federal control. Secession is a real consideration when the national government forgets its place. Texas has no fear in becoming its own country as the industry and resourcefulness of our population makes it strong and viable. We don't need federal money from the border patrol, military, or anywhere else to function. We can do just fine on our own. In fact, when it comes to defense of our land, I believe Texans can do better than what the federal government has done. We surely can defend our borders a lot better than the border patrol stations located 10 to 70 miles from the actual border.

Comment by Marc of TX

I think that this whole thing is hilarious. If a state wants to leave why don't we let them leave? However, I feel that they should be informed that this economic pitfall has engulfed almost every country. Also that one of the main reasons that we have been put into this problem is because of a Texan. This is ridiculous, and when I first heard about this on CNN this morning, I thought that I was going to pull a muscle due to the uproarious laughter that consumed me.

Comment by Justin of NC

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