DHS Right-Wing Extremist Report Reactions

As a veteran, and a conservative, I read the DHS report and was not offended ["The New McCarthyism: DHS Reports on Right-Wing Extremism," usnews.com].

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As a veteran, and a conservative, I read the DHS report and was not offended ["The New McCarthyism: DHS Reports on Right-Wing Extremism," usnews.com]. It said right-wing extremists (white supremacist groups, et al.) were targeting U.S. veterans. I remember this going on at [Fort] Bragg [N.C.] and other military bases a bunch of times. To be fair, gangs recruit from the U.S. military too, and some even send their members to the military for training. Not to mention Ali Mohammed (al-Qaeda's Special Ops guy), the guy who grenaded his officers prior to [Operation Iraqi Freedom], and the sailor who sold us out to the Taliban. I think DHS erred when they said "a percentage" when it's more like a fraction of a percentage are drawn toward these groups; but anybody who thinks this was politically motivated by Secretary Napolitano needs to have their tin foil hat adjusted.

Comment by Johnny of VA

When DHS submitted a similar report in January on left-wing groups, where was all the hyperventilation? Oh, I forgot, some of us are adults and some are whiny children, who cry on cue. Republicans seem to lurch from hissy-fit to hissy-fit, while the rest of us get things done.

Comment by Maddie of MD

To those who think this is just Republican whining, read the report. The assertions cover many law-abiding groups and potential terrorist groups with the same broad brush. The previous report on left-wing groups, on the other hand, was actually quite narrowly tailored and specific. We have had eight years of gaffes from law enforcement (well, make that 16 with Janet Reno included). Even though Republicans did very little while in power to stop this same sort of thing, it should not be reason to excuse our current agent of "change." Hypocrisy, yes. But that does not make this report in any way right. Read the report, people. It is poorly written and full of unsubstantiated claims.

Comment by Dave of WA

The Republicans are desperate for any kind of narrative they can come up with that will energize the base. There are plenty of honest, hardworking, taxpaying, and patriotic members of the Muslim faith, and yet oddly enough no particular mention is made of them by the chorus of conservative commentators when a report talks about the dangers of Muslim extremist groups. How oddly one-sided. Today's news cycle has been very entertaining, but in a rather sad, broken sort of way.

Comment by Kurt of CA

For the past eight years we have been treated to the hysteria from various groups on how Americans' rights were being trampled by aspects of the Patriot Act. Now when a governmental agency produces a report that specifically targets any group that might be critical of the standing government, those various groups are suddenly mute. Is it a revelation similar to the one after seeing the reaction of the women's groups to the nomination of Sarah Palin, that these groups are merely fronts for the DNC?

Comment by Robert of NJ

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