Cancer Vaccine Cautions

Any new vaccine that comes to market should be suspect; the trials prior to release are in small populations, so the true risk of adverse events is unknown until it is marketed to the masses ["CDC Takes Closer Look at Gardasil and Paralysis,"].


There are risks with all vaccines ["CDC Takes Closer Look at Gardasil and Paralysis,"]. Any new vaccine that comes to market should be suspect; the trials prior to release are in small populations, so the true risk of adverse events is unknown until it is marketed to the masses. Even then, many people do not make the connection between the vaccine and illness. It is said that the VAERS system [adverse-event database] only represents about 10 percent of the actual adverse reactions. Drug companies will not acknowledge the problems with vaccines until backed into a corner. Then, they try to get the vaccine declared a required childhood vaccine, so damages are capped. Drug companies and insurance companies run medicine in America; they are both self-serving, and do not have your best interest at heart. As a physician, I always wait to use a new medication or vaccine, for at least one year, to watch for adverse reactions, and to see if there is a pattern in the reports that could indicate a real problem.

Comment by Deborah Agles of HI

There is no way to truly know what is in these vaccines, so why would you put something into your body that you don't have all the facts about. Become informed and be proactive about your own body and its health! Don't believe everything the government or your doctors tell you! Our bodies were created to be able to naturally fight off everything that is harmful that we come across. It is up to us to feed our bodies the good things that they need in order to function properly and do that!

Comment by Jamie Taylor of CA

I was actually about to get the vaccine for my two daughters when I decided to do a little research first, both into HPV and into Gardasil. I was really quite shocked. While I do think that HPV is an issue, and probably more of an issue than it used to be even 10 years ago, more interesting is why so many women aren't affected by it when it is so prevalent. I've talked to my kids endlessly about how to protect themselves, including by not smoking and by looking after their immune systems; and of course getting those annual exams. As for Gardasil, no, no, no. There are too many unknowns and too much risk for very little reward. My conclusion is that if you have any kind of inherited risk for autoimmune disease, which we don't know about, then this vaccine puts you at risk. It's one I'm not willing to take for my kids.

Comment by Sally of NC

You will never have a healthcare system that "cares" for its people it serves if you serve the companies that make medicine first. This system is backwards, as well as expensive and not even close to being the number one healthcare system in the world. The general public is not a testing ground, and waiting for the complaints to number enough to warrant media attention is sheer ignorance.

Comment by Mike of PA

Thank you so much for doing this article. We need all the help we can get to get the word out about this vaccine and the dark side of it. While some young girls and woman don't have reactions to this vaccine there are thousands that do. There needs to be an investigation on Gardasil not to mention why it was put on the market so quickly and without true studies done, as you mentioned. Why was there aluminum put in the placebo? Very good question and why is it that the medical field is not telling their patients about the adverse affects before giving the injection? Should we not be informed about what we put in our bodies let alone what we are having put into our children's bodies? Do we not have the right to make informed decisions on our healthcare?

Comment by Karen Maynor of NM

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