Bristol Palin's Plight: Abstinence, Teen Pregnancy, and Conservatives

My heart goes out to Bristol because being a teen mom isn't easy ["Sarah Palin Lacks the Maturity, Smarts of Her Single, Teen Mom Daughter Bristol,"].


My heart goes out to Bristol because being a teen mom isn't easy ["Sarah Palin Lacks the Maturity, Smarts of Her Single, Teen Mom Daughter Bristol,"]. Being a mom isn't easy period. (I should know, I have a 3-1/2 year-old and a 22 month old). I agree with Bonnie Erbe that it was a good thing that Bristol broke off her engagement. I don't know the kids or the situation but at least she has the support of her family and close friends to help her out. Like someone else said, you can have the best intentions as a parent and practice what you preach, but what it comes down to is this: kids will and do make bad decisions. Good kids can come from bad parents, and I've seen bad kids come from good parents. People should quit speculating and judging and wish this young woman and her child the best. No one is perfect or even close to it, so don't get all high and mighty.

Comment by Meredith of TX

These abstinence pushers must know by now that just telling your kids not to have sex doesn't work. Our species, just like any other successful species, breeds well; that's why we're here. Nature and your hormones control when you'll have sex. Most of these parents wishing their kids wouldn't have sex are hypocrites. Most of them were having sex in junior high and high school. What does work is talking to your kids and being very serious and honest about it. They need to learn that you could get a disease from a partner; they may get pregnant before they're ready; or it could cause emotional problems in breakups. We need to tell them the truth. If you raised them right and tell them the honest truth, then 'they' should be able to decide just like 'you' did.

Comment by Chris Corbray of WA

I am a 24-year-old girl raised by incredible Christian parents. My parents taught me that abstinence was the way to go not only because it is amazing to be in a relationship where no comparisons are made, but also because that is the way it was intended to be. I am a social worker and have worked with so many girls who have been in such bad relationships, and they know that they wasted their time giving such a special part of themselves away. I will teach my kids about abstinence, because I have an incredible relationship with my husband, and it is such a wonder to know without a shadow of doubt that he waited for me. We fought to win the greatest prize for our marriage and our future spouseā€”each other.

Comment by Monica of FL

Social conservatives have been playing the victim and blaming the Godless liberal left for lapses in values for decades. Starting with Sarah Palin, they need to get off of their moral high horse and accept that unwed teenage mothers come in all faiths, colors, and political persuasions. The problem with people like Sarah Palin isn't what goes on in her own home, it is that she belittles and devalues what goes on in mine. For the record, nothing of much prurient interest goes on in my Godless, socialist family. We're so dull and risk-averse that a speeding ticket would be regarded as a serious failure of responsibility and judgment.

Comment by Sonia of CO

I don't think anyone is ever ready to have their first kid. The problem here is the pressure of the publicity made it difficult for the relationship to have a chance. I'm not a Palin supporter. I voted for Obama and glad of it, but I wish her and her family well. Frankly, it would be nice to see Bristol and Levi get back together. They have a lot to lose by being apart. We should leave them alone.

Comment by Bill Couture of CA

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