Coulter Clash and Limbaugh Too

When are people going to get it? Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh are comedians, not journalists ["First Rush, Now Coulter Called Offensive,"].

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When are people going to get it? Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh are comedians, not journalists ["First Rush, Now Coulter Called Offensive,"]. They foment controversy to get ratings and keep up their shtick. You can tell that the wealthy, sophisticated Limbaugh has contempt for the idiots who call him. The same goes for Coulter who pals around with her Westside friends in L.A. Come's an act!

Comment by Doug of CA

I happen to be a young college student who loves Ann Coulter. I think that it is time for America to be told the truth and to stop worrying about being so "politically correct." I hate to break it to you Meghan but if you don't like everything about either party than there is already a party for that—it's called Independents!!! Quit trying to get back in the lime light and sound so shocking. There are actually people who want to return to God and stick to the conservative values, so quit trying to change the party... like I said, become a moderate.

Comment by Addie of AL

Coulter is just another example of someone who makes a living by saying obnoxious things. Let's hope Meghan McCain has the guts that males in the [Republican] Party seem to lack so that she will stick with her criticism when she gets the bully response from Coulter.

Comment by Steve of CA

Maybe this infighting is what needs to happen to the GOP to clear things up and make them relevant again. People like Coulter and Limbaugh are the problem, not the way forward; imagine if Howard Stern was in charge of making Democratic Party policy and you've got the same basic idea. To Meghan McCain: Coulter will come back at you nastily—stand your ground and you'll be fine. Maybe Michael Steele can learn a lesson about leadership in the process.

Comment by Keith of CO

Coulter makes me uncomfortable, her manner I find offensive even though she may bring up some good points. I don't think she makes a good impression even on some Republicans. I believe Rush to be an intelligent man who truly has America's best interests at heart. He says just what he thinks no matter whose toes he steps on.

Comment by Mary Lou Gdwoski of NE

Finally, someone in the Republican Party has called a spade a spade. Ann Coulter is a disgrace to Republicans and to women. She says she is conservative, although she looks like a hippie. She is unbecoming in her mini skirts, boots, and long hair in her face. She acts angry, defiant, oppositional, argumentative, and childlike. She is a contradiction because her appearance doesn't match what she says. I find her very confusing and have wondered for years what the Republicans see in her. Thank you very much, Meghan, for voicing what a lot of us have thought for years about Ann Coulter.

Comment by Elizabeth Tyson of FL

Does anyone really care? Ann is a lightning rod. Anyone that is not living in a cave knows that. What John McCain's daughter thinks about Ann is not news. It's gossip page fodder. Let's focus on the trillions of taxpayer money that Congress and the president feel is theirs to spend as they deem worthy. The thousands of earmark (pork) projects that Obama promised to cut from his spending packages that are now—OK. What our elected officials do, and how they vote to spend our money, are what we need to be reading about.

Comment by Rich or AR

The Republicans lost ground with the minority and youth vote last cycle, and these people are the future majority. Rush [Limbaugh] and Ann Coulter are ridiculous to most people (except the fringe conservatives). By aligning themselves with the fringe, the Republicans are guaranteeing minority status indefinitely.

Comment by Bob Loblaw of IL