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How do you think you are helping the Republican Party by dissing Rush ["Limbaugh Versus RNC's Michael Steele: Rush Strikes Back,"]?

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How do you think you are helping the Republican Party by dissing Rush ["Limbaugh Versus RNC's Michael Steele: Rush Strikes Back,"]? Rush's speech was dead on. He speaks for me and millions of conservatives. We are tired of being silent and watching our country go down the tubes. We need to bring personal responsibility back to our nation. We need to bring this party together to win back the Senate and House, and not by fighting over who is the head of the party. I am not interested in being bipartisan if that means socialism!

Comment by Barbara Raffaelli of OH

I've always been a conservative-tilting Democrat. I've voted for Republican candidates when I deemed them better suited to the job. As of now, I'm personally disgusted by both political parties. Our nation is a critical point in history and both sides of the aisle need to put the flag before their egos and personal agendas. The GOP needs to step up to the plate as Americans united with their Democratic counterparts and put the nation first. I'm astounded that Republican leaders are allowing Limbaugh, of all people, to interject himself into the public airwaves as a spokesman for the Republican Party. Stop giving him importance. Our nation works best when we're united towards a common goal. America needs to stand united, starting with politicians on both sides of the aisle. Is there no one in the Republican Party with the intelligence, style, and fortitude to step up to the plate and put the nation first?

Comment by Moureen of WA

I think before [Michael] Steele [and] Limbaugh (or any other Republicans) exchange barbs, they should first and foremost point out that they agree with each other on the basic principles of the Republican Party. I have observed that Limbaugh is much more edgy and outspoken on his radio program than he was in his speech to the CPAC. That was an outstanding speech. Every time Republicans exchange only negative comments about each other in the media the liberals/Democrats will eat that up. If the Republican Party is going to be more inclusive to potential new voters of all races, religions, and personal preferences, everyone needs to focus on what they have in common and not on the differences!

Comment by S . B . Smith of TX

I think Michael Steele should keep in mind that Rush is not a Republican; he is a conservative. Steele had better pick his "enemies" more carefully if he wants to advance the prospects of the Republican Party he hopes to lead to victory—some day!

Comment by Alexandra Mark of RI

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