Obama's Economic Stimulus

It is unprecedented in my memory for the press and the opposition party to come out so strongly against a president within his first 30 days ["Gallup Poll: Obama Approval Down, Disapproval Up," usnews.com].


It is unprecedented in my memory for the press and the opposition party to come out so strongly against a president within his first 30 days ["Gallup Poll: Obama Approval Down, Disapproval Up," usnews.com]. This amazing man has accomplished more in one month than most presidents accomplish in one year. Yet the naysayers are chomping at his heels 24 hours nonstop. In spite of his detractors, I believe this president will move this economy into the positive column and make fools out of them. But I think his detractors know this and are trying to take him down now while he is fresh and new. The sad thing is that he is a genuinely nice guy in a pit full of snakes. He's trying to reach out to the Republicans who want no part of bipartisanship.

Comment by Shana Smith of MD

I think the "blame Bush" tactic has already reached its expiration date. Obama likes to keep saying he "inherited" the economic mess we are in, but rehashing the past does nothing to fix today's problem. Don't tell me that Bush is to blame; tell me what you are going to do to fix this mess. Spending billions on left-wing pork is not a solution.

Comment by Fred of MI

I think Obama is doing a great job. He does need to offer us more hope, but he has made a lot of change in this country. He's also kept promises. No, he isn't always going to do everything that we want him to, but he is moving very quickly, and perhaps he just needs to slow down a little. I have read a great deal of the stimulus package. Money is going to just about everything that is going to give you a good job. There is very little pork that I can see. Everyone is feeling the pinch, and his broad stimulus is getting to all America so that he can prevent job loss. There is investment here that will create money in the future. I don't believe that he will cut the budget too much in four years, but those who want to create doom and gloom, can live in their own pot. I can see a lot of good coming in the long run. He is too compassionate of a man to stick it to us middle-class or poor people. Those who swindled everyone will be answering for it, sooner than later.

Comment by Sue of NC

We were alerted to Obama's lack of experience, past associations, and the fact that he arose from a corrupt Chicago administration. In spite of this, he has been put on a pedestal that will collapse. Those who voted for him thought he would enrich their incomes—the reality is that he will take it away. No way can taxpayer money be borrowed in such humongous sums and not bankrupt our grandchildren (and us). Shouldn't it be against the Constitution that one person and his party can implement such debt without our OK?

Comment by Jody of MO

It's really too soon to be supercritical of President Obama as he's been office a little over a month. From one who lived through the Great Depression, I'd say give him a break. Negativity is a poor attitude for Americans to take, when so much is at stake. Let's wait until we're down this rocky road a little further before we give up on him.

Comment by Julian Morgan of MS

I think he expended some of his political capital in getting the stimulus package passed, which is what political capital is for, to be expended to get things done! If the people I know are representative, this is not a right-of-center nation and people are giving Obama the benefit of the doubt. Nobody knows if his proposals will work. What is clear, though, is that we are in a very bad situation that was inherited not just from the irresponsible Republican Congresses (12 of the 14 previous years) but from 50 years of Cold War and post-Cold War military spending, and the associated over-commitment worldwide, that is bankrupting the country. Something so large, so long-term, cannot be the fault of one or the other political party, and people are not so stupid as to think it is—unless they only talk to others who think the same as they do.

Comment by Frank DeMarco of VA