No Spending Stimulus

Peter Schiff will bring about real change to Washington ["Peter Schiff: How He Would Fix America,"]

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Peter Schiff will bring about real change to Washington ["Peter Schiff: How He Would Fix America,"]. He is the kind of change we need. We must let the toxic assets return to their free market value of, well, zero if that is what the free market determines. By propping up housing prices, or trying to do so, the government is in effect price-fixing. The real burden in America is the hundreds of fees and taxes Americans pay everyday. It cripples us financially and takes money out of the market and gives it to the government, who in turn burns the money on crippled and dysfunctional banks. Eliminate the income tax and see what happens. Stimulate the economy through savings and production.

Comment by Tom Joad of CT

I can't believe it has taken this long for someone with sense to make this list of procedures for success. Stop the bleeding America. Don't let the government pull the wool over your eyes. We cannot survive as a country with all this debt. We need to save and produce. Not consume and owe. All these bailouts will be the death of the dollar and the death of America. I don't want to see this happen. I love this country and will fight tooth and nail to save it. Vote these idiotic politicians out of office now or we will all suffer in the end.

Comment by Alexander Nguyen of CA

This is what our great country is supposed to be all about! Freedom—freedom for the individual to fail or succeed. Right now we're heading towards socialism. Leadership like Schiff's can point the United States back in the direction of freedom and liberty. If you agree with these ideas we all need to talk to our fellow Americans about candidates like Schiff. It may not be fun but it's the only way and the right thing to do.

Comment by Nathaniel Witmer of IL

Schiff's message resonates with much of America. This feeling is especially acute with those citizens who have, previously, gone about their lives (working, producing, etc.), not needing nor expecting much from government, but rather tolerating government as a nuisance. Since the economy was fine, they just paid their taxes, held their nose and went about their business. But now that government policies will surely ruin America—perhaps forever—the sleeping giant has awakened, and he is angry. The mortgage bailout of the reckless will prove to be the last straw.

Comment by Jorge of IL

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