Bristol Palin's Plight

Bristol Palin is more adult than your average woman; she has class ["Bristol Palin Acts Like a Role Model on Sex, Abstinence and Teen Pregnancy--Bravo!"].


Bristol Palin is more adult than your average woman; she has class. Any woman who says she should have waited 10 years is saying the right thing, Bristol has got guts. I salute you Bristol; please say what's on your mind. You had the child and now you are owning up to your mistake, but having a child is really never a mistake. Thank you Palins. I admire all of you.

Comment by Carl Gibson of OH

A role model is someone that others would benefit from following. So, is the writer of this article saying that other teenage girls should go ahead and get pregnant, then bemoan the fact that it happened and win kudos (and probably some bucks) for going out and whining that others shouldn't do what they did? A better course of action for Bristol would be to just quietly go about taking care of her baby and let others who hear the words on abstinence or birth control, and don't have babies go more public and be the role models.

Gwen of CA

Pardon my confusion regarding your stance on this. Are you applauding her stance on abstinence-only education or that she wished that "everyone should just wait 10 years" to have a baby, rather than when you're young? You said that she is acting like a real role model, telling other teens not to follow in her footsteps. It would appear in this case that either protection was not used or the protection failed. In either case, this "role model" now has a child while she is really a child herself. I would have had more respect for her (and her famous mother) if either or both would have used their five minutes of fame to point out the consequences of sex, be it protected or unprotected.

Comment by C. Barbian of WI

I myself recently had a baby and do agree that you will have many sleepless nights. I will also agree that it's no longer about your wants/needs but about your child's wants/needs. It's messed up that teenagers think with their genitalia and not their brains. If you don't want to get pregnant there are necessary precautions you need to take. I am more than sure that every state offers free clinics where you can be checked for STDs, given condoms and/or proper contraceptives and plenty of information about sex. You don't have to be a teen parent!

Comment by Jaleesa of MD

The pregnancy was celebrated to score political point. Now, the party is over and the teen mother is speaking out clearly that she would have done otherwise.

Comment by Martin of CA

I am a grandmother, once by parent's choice and the other by birth control. There are times that even with precautions taken mistakes happen. My granddaughter may not have been planned but is loved. I've had to teach my 19-year-old daughter-in-law about being a mother—her own mother pretty much washed her hands of the deal. But my daughter-in-law has gone back to college and is working part time. My son works full time and instead of daycare I keep the babies here with me. I charge them weekly (certainly cheaper than daycare) but they have to pay me for keeping them so they understand about the responsibility involved. It doesn't matter how much a parent tries to inform a child about birth control and sex—they will do what they want. I regularly talked to my sons about birth control and safe sex. It didn't stop them but they did take precautions. But there are times when birth control fails. They have to be able to live with the consequences and move forward. Their life isn't "over" as one person said—it's just understanding that now there's a person that is more important than them. Bristol Palin is fortunate in that she has family support and help. You can't condemn a person for a mistake if they are taking responsibility for it. Her parents may be helping her now while she's in school and that's commendable. She is fortunate to be able to finish school while many girls don't have this support. As for her extended family helping her—kudos to them for being involved and helping her. Having a baby is a big step for anybody—not just a teen, and I believe that a child is much more rounded and better adjusted by having a network of family to help. I would never have made it without my parents' help—they helped out with babysitting when I was working two jobs as a single mother. I did not rely on the government for help in raising my sons even though I certainly qualified. I relied on my family for support and guidance. Not everyone that has a baby as a teen is an irresponsible loser. Many teen mothers go on and make something of themselves and provide for their child. They may have made a poor decision but how many people have led perfect lives?

Comment by B. Mooney of AR

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