Reflections of the Flock

I attend New Life Church, and I am hurt once again by Ted Haggard's scandal ["The Ted Haggard You Know Less About Each Day,"].


I attend New Life Church, and I am hurt once again by Ted Haggard's scandal ["The Ted Haggard You Know Less About Each Day,"]. He preached a fantastic sermon one time entitled, "What is your sin going to cost me." He should listen to that sermon every day for the rest of his life, so he hopefully will get a clue how his sin is costing our church. Forgiveness is a "no brainer" for followers of Jesus. If you are a believer then you know that forgiveness is not an option; it's mandatory. That being said, I would really like to forget it all and move on. Unfortunately, "the money" is more important to Ted than doing the right thing. His personality feeds on attention, and sensationalism. The real star in this pony show is Gail Haggard. I really wish media would spotlight her persona.

Comment by Ruby Chapman of CO

It's sad that Christian leaders, especially those that fall publicly, often end up as icons of Christianity. In reality, people should judge Christianity not by Christians but by Christ and his teachings. Ted Haggard is just a man who is living with the consequences of his sins. Still, Jesus died for him, and if he's willing to confess and repent, his relationship with God can and will be restored, even though the damage he has inflicted on Earth will live on. In the end, his actions as pastor at New Life Church are meaningless to what Christianity is and what Jesus's work on the cross accomplished.

Comment by David Burks of CO

Ted Haggard has by most accounts been forgiven for his sins. As a Christian, I would receive him into fellowship. But that does not mean that I would accept him as my pastor, nor would his speaking on behalf of evangelicals, or any other Christian group, be accepted as the truth. It is not the sin that troubles me; it is his practice of deception.

Comment by Sherwood MacRae of TN

Even though I am a Christian, I was not familiar with Ted Haggard prior to the scandal. However, allow me to say that while the Bible is clear that homosexuality is not God's ideal, it also speaks volumes about compassion. Ultimately, we are all broken people and in need of forgiveness—including Ted Haggard. Those people truly devoted to God, and consequently loving others in His name, do a great deal of good. Look at the thousands of charities and ministries started out of Christian love. Religion, without love, can be dangerous thing. But religion practiced with love, true love for God and others—well, that's what it's all about.

Comment by Melissa Burton of KY