Presidential Contenders at the NRA

I love Ted Nugent, but I don't think he would make a good president of the NRA ["Ted Nugent Ready to Battle Antigunners for the NRA,"].

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I love Ted Nugent, but I don't think he would make a good president of the NRA ["Ted Nugent Ready to Battle Antigunners for the NRA,"]. He works better as the bad cop the antigunners will have to deal with. While the views that Ted Nugent expresses with such vigor speak to the hearts of the strident Second Amendment rights supporters, the way he does it frightens those who are on the fence on the issue. Having Ted Nugent as president of the NRA would push possible allies away.

Comment by Tim Covington of TX

I would like to see an earnest NRA president who is a military combat veteran or another law abiding citizen; understands it is better to have a legally armed (and trained) citizenship; and has acquired leadership abilities somewhere along the line. It is most important that the president understands this is about our constitutional right to bear arms and to protect ourselves and our freedoms. It is also about making sensible firearms policies to lessen the amount of lethal arms in the hands of criminals and the mentally unbalanced and to cease the flow of weapons from the U.S.A. to below our border. The NRA president does not have to be a celebrity but should be in the forefront of the issues that frighten many antigun rights people.

Comment by Gregory C. Jarrett of NM

I'd prefer Ted Nugent as president of the United States over either of our choices in the recent election. Go Ted. You've been a good voice for gun rights for years, and would make a fine choice as NRA president. I think he'd be great for fundraising and expanding membership in the NRA also.

Comment by Charlie of TX

I think that Tom Selleck (also involved in the NRA) would make a much more effective NRA president. The truth is there are a lot of very prominent Americans who would also fit the bill. Ted would be great just being Ted. He is mobilizing at the grass-roots level and exciting the base. Ted's personality is not what the NRA needs to sway the minds of folks leaning toward the other side.

Comment by David M. Bennett of FL

As an NRA member I am disgusted that the organization seems to pull too many punches. They have become a side note in news stories. Ted needs to drive the NRA to the forefront and the fair-weather friends need to choose sides. Do you believe in the Second Amendment and a free nation or not? Maybe if we had more people in this country that cared more about results than polite niceties, we would not have our freedoms so threatened. If the government can use it against me, then I have the right to own it.

Comment by Mike Hilbert of AK