Republican Stimulus Showdown

The very happy news that every single Republican stood up to the Obama madness sweeping the nation put a smile on my face and restored my faith in the Republican Party ["GOP Opposition to Democrats' Stimulus: Brilliant or Suicidal?,"].


The very happy news that every single Republican stood up to the Obama madness sweeping the nation put a smile on my face and restored my faith in the Republican Party ["GOP Opposition to Democrats' Stimulus: Brilliant or Suicidal?,"]. Our great nation's economy will get back on track when government gets out of the way. Most mornings these days I wake up and wonder, what country I am living in: a country that nationalizes banks? Please. Since when can government run anything well? Today at least we got a minute to pause, think, and say look, the Obama way is not the only way forward. The GOP needs to keep the ball rolling by continuing to suggest solutions that do not involve spending a trillion dollars of our hard earned money. I am amazed that anyone thinks this is a good idea.

Comment by Monica of DC

The GOP was handed a golden opportunity to stand up and show that they had outgrown their hyper-partisan past. Instead, they chose to dig their heels in and play petty politics. Amusingly, they are singing the same "Give tax cuts to the rich and the rest of you can have whatever falls off their platinum plates" song that they've chirped for more than 30 years. Ironically, this is the very song that has landed our country in this mess, and I think most Americans are now aware of that sad fact.

Comment by Mike of MI

The Republicans are right not to support President Obama's stimulus plan. Democrats are still up to their same old tricks: bigger government and spending our tax dollars just so they can stay in power. The only reason President Obama wants Republican support is so when the plan fails (and it will), he can say that the Republicans share the blame.

Comment by John Lee of OH

Give the man [President Obama] a chance to see what he can do. Y'all have to understand what mess Bush has done to this country. Things are not going to change overnight. Every time we get a Republican into office this is what happens. The Republicans have always been for the rich. I think that the president we have now is going to do the best job that he can for the American people.

Comment by Judy of TX

Food Safety: Avoid the Artificial

We have known the ill effects of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) for a long time now ["Mercury Found in High Fructose Corn Syrup,"]. HFCS makes everything it is in very sweet and palatable. However, at what cost to our health? Diabetes and obesity are on the rise in the U.S. I have told my patients that before trying a diet, they should stop ingesting HFCS. Not surprisingly, most of the patients lost up to 15 percent of their body weight just by stopping the ingestion of HFCS. With newer research showing more information regarding HFCS causing many ill effects, it should not be a surprise that it can also cause cancer. In a time where knowledge is only a click away, I urge all of you to track this and all artificial sweeteners. Lastly, HFCS is not digestible by our bodies. It is a toxin that the liver cannot detoxify. In essence, our body does not know how to metabolize HFCS. Too much of it can ultimately exceed our liver's ability to detoxify it and cause both the weight to increase and the pancreas to decrease insulin production, thus causing hyperglycemia and, ultimately, diabetes.

Comment by Dr. CM Marin of NJ

Why is eating all natural foods not a given? All this synthetic garbage that is being sold is ridiculous. Am I the only one that thinks it is odd that we have to read the labels of food before we buy or eat it? We should only be reading the labels looking for a natural ingredient that we may be allergic to, not for chemicals. When you are at home baking cookies or a cake from scratch you don't add red dye No. 7 or HFCS. Don't we deserve better from the FDA and these manufacturers? How many more corners will be cut before this insanity comes to an end?

Comment by Lynn of CA

One of the things I never see mentioned about HFCS is that the vast majority of it comes from genetically modified corn crops. Google something like "genetically modified corn study" and you'll find all sorts of scary stuff found in animal studies, much of it from other countries who have banned the GMO corn we consume like crazy.

Comment by Pete of AZ

When will people realize that it only takes a bunch of money to label something safe? The more money your industry has, the more questionable products you can get to the public; and in turn make more money. Don't take any "official" word for what is healthy and unhealthy. Do your own research and learn to eat only what is natural and good. Do not wait to see if USDA or FDA says it is OK. Chances are they don't really know or care as long as the funding for their jobs is still keeping the paychecks coming. How many times does something like this have to happen before we say enough is enough and dismantle the groups who are not doing their job to keep us safe? I wouldn't be able to keep my job if I was wrong as much as the economic and health system leaders of our country. Where is the accountability?

Comment by Brandon of MO

I have a toddler and remember looking at formula labels a year ago and there was definitely high fructose corn syrup in the majority of them. Since newborns drink only milk, would it not have devastating health effects on an 8-pound baby? I think this is the next place to check.

Comment by Bridget of CO

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