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Obviously, Ken Walsh has forgotten that President Bush has always been gracious to everyone—to a fault ["Bush's Gracious and Cooperative Attitude Toward Obama," usnews.com].

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Obviously, Ken Walsh has forgotten that President Bush has always been gracious to everyone—to a fault ["Bush's Gracious and Cooperative Attitude Toward Obama," usnews.com]. Early in his first term, he invited Sen. Ted Kennedy and family to a private screening of what was then a new movie, 13 Days in October. Who could forget his gracious remarks to both President and Mrs. Clinton at the unveiling of their official White House portraits and countless other kind and gracious acts toward friends and adversaries alike! This is no surprise to anyone who wants to be honest. Only the maniacal "Bush haters" can deny the good qualities about this president.

Comment by Janis Moakler of ME

Certainly we are grateful that Bush is not being outwardly discourteous to the new administration. It is obvious that the American people would take it badly and respond negatively toward the GOP. But to extrapolate that to Bush being a reformed partisan is a ridiculous stretch. This is all calculation. He may wish the new administration well on the surface, but most of us assume he is working under the table night and day to keep up the corruption and policies of greed that lost the GOP the last two elections. The sooner we no longer have to hear about this president and live with the consequences of his bad decisions, the happier we will all be.

Comment by Theresa M. Kohlhoff of OR

If you look back on the Bush presidency with open eyes, you will see it wasn't Bush who was responsible for the polarization. He has always been very gracious and cooperative, even while those on the other side burned his effigies in the streets and called him a terrorist. The only difference is now Democrats have won and aren't quite so venomous and spiteful. Let's just hope that when Republicans swing back into power, Democrats remember the courtesy we are extending their candidate.

Comment by John Lopez of FL

Seriously, I never doubted his [President Bush's] integrity. You can see he's a good guy, who loves his family and honestly wants the best things for his country. But God love him, he should never have been president. Along with that integrity, you can sense a hopeless case of incompetence, and yes, general stupidity. Obviously, he's not an idiot, as so many have suggested, or he would never possibly have been made president. But being a president requires a certain talent and curiosity he simply doesn't have. I thank George Bush for his service to his country, and for leading America through 9/11, but you can't deny his entire presidency has been a complete disaster.

Comment by Lisa of AL

One of the first things I noticed after the election was the media became suddenly aware of President Bush's composure and good nature. For the last eight years, they have portrayed the president as somehow mean or evil for simply standing his ground (on most things). He's been gracious all along, especially considering the nasty things so many have said about him.

Comment by Ray Gardner of AZ

Yes, Bush was a horrible president who was unwavering in his political stance, even when wrong. Yes, he is a respectful man of good character. The possibility that both assessments could be true is something his detractors have never been able to accept. Just because someone doesn't agree with you or your views doesn't make him a bad person.

Comment by Tony L. of NY

President Bush served his country with honor and dignity. He did what he had to do. I am ashamed of my fellow citizens who belittle his fine efforts for humanity and the safety of all Americans. Particularly, I abhor those who blame Bush for all their own failures to share in the load of responsibility for our lives. History will record him as one of our greatest presidents. I hope our new and future presidents have the guts and courage to stand in firm resolve and faith to work steadfastly for a better world like George Bush did during his presidency,

Comment by Vince of GA

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