Debating Obama's Road Ahead

I agree with [James] Pethokoukis 100 percent ["Why Obama Looks Like a One Termer,"].


I agree with [James] Pethokoukis 100 percent ["Why Obama Looks Like a One Termer,"]. This is specifically why I think it was in the best interest of the Republican Party to lose this election in order to gain congressional seats in 2010 and then the White House in 2012. I believe that McCain lost on purpose. Think about it. Could [John] McCain have run such a bad campaign by accident? With pros out there like [Dick] Morris and [Karl] Rove to help, why would McCain listen to a bunch of knuckleheads? Why not go after Obama's associations, record, economic plan, job creation plan? When the campaign was surprisingly energized by [Sarah] Palin, McCain put it on hold to back a bailout that everyone hated. Joe the Plumber helped at the end, but Palin's wardrobe (leaked by a McCain insider) helped muddy the waters. We will gain some seats in 2010 and some more in 2012. We'll also have a conservative Republican in the White House in 2012, not a Reagan Democrat that likes to reach across the aisle.

Comment by Jim C. of DE

My fellow Republicans: I'm not a huge Obama fan, but many of your responses to this article, regardless of their merit, are proof positive of the intellectual laziness that has become commonplace in our party. Do you really think the "MSM" can hide the state of the economy from the American people? Do you really think we will have a Marxist dictatorship in power within the next 4 years? This stuff reeks of paranoia and irrationality. Man up and face—or better yet read—facts instead of showing just how crazy our lunatic fringe is. This is the kind of behavior I used to associate with the Democrats.

Comment by Tom of IN

I hope Obama does a terrific job and exceeds all expectations. I voted McCain, but like McCain I know that Obama is now to be my president. To hope that anyone fails in the position Obama is now in is totally unacceptable and un-American. We are a nation in trouble, and we need someone to step up to the plate. This is not the time for partisanship. This is the time to come together and rebuild this country. I don't know about anyone else, but I am worried about the future for the first time in my adult life. I am concerned that my children and my grandchildren will have to foot all these bills and bailouts. Something has to be done now.

Comment by Sandy of AL

I guess it must be some consolation to imagine this is a temporary shift and/or a fluke. However, the reality is the rudderless GOP is going to have to do some serious soul-searching and come to grips with a very different America than the fantasy version it's been peddling the last few election cycles. In fact, this may be one of those moments when a party disappears and something new shows up. The mantle of Lincoln is firmly, and finally, fixed on the Democratic Party.

Comment by Mallory of NY

I'm not terribly surprised to see such poor powers of interpretation on the right. Obama's reference to "the road ahead" was a clear statement that he expects to be around for two terms. How that could be twisted into the idea that he thinks he'll only be the president for one term is beyond me. But it is typical of Republicans not to read carefully or clearly. May I suggest that future intelligence reports be given to a liberal so that he or she can explain what it means to our linguistically challenged counterparts in the Republican Party.

Comment by Andrew of IN

The important difference between 2012 and 1992 is the media. One reason people did not recognize we were out of the recession in 1992 was the media spent their time talking down the economy, convincing us we were worse off than we really were. Count on the media to take the opposite position with Obama, telling everyone the recession is over even if it isn't. It helps to have your own cheerleaders if you want the crowd to get into the game.

Comment by Jake Hart of IN

He can't beat Hillary. He can't get back Hillary voters. He can't win without picking Hillary. He can't win in the general election in Indiana, Virginia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida. He's African-American, and his middle name is Hussein; that guy can't win. Now before even in office and with the uncertainty of what will happen in the next four years, which honestly no one knows (there will be unexpected challenges and triumphs that will occur), the author [Pethokoukis] is writing off Obama winning a second term. Just add this doubt to the list I have above.

Comment by Rahil Khan of IN

The article misses the obvious comparison. Franklin Roosevelt did little to alleviate the Great Depression in his first term. He was re-elected because people knew it wasn't his fault and didn't trust the Republicans to help ordinary people. Ring a bell?

Comment by James Wilson of FL

The economy's cyclical nature and the fact that it's somewhere around rock bottom now virtually ensure that in 3 1/2 years time with nowhere to go but up, it will be better than it is today. That's not to suggest it will be great, but it's unlikely to be any worse. And barring war or the emergence of some other hot topic issue, we Americans always vote our wallets (see Clinton 1996, Reagan 1984, Eisenhower 1956, etc.). So even a mild improvement combined with moderate to good popularity ratings all but guarantees Obama two terms.

Comment by John J. Collier of FL

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