The Debate of '08

So much for unbiased election coverage in "The Ultimate Voter's Guide" issue [October 27].


So much for unbiased election coverage in "The Ultimate Voter's Guide" issue [October 27]. The headlines for the No. 2 slots, "Palin—Love Her or Hate Her" and "Biden, the Voice of Experience," and the coverage therein reek with bias. What does a putdown like "an accent somewhere north of Fargo" have to do with anything? Your writer should get out of the East Coast vacuum and travel to the heartland and find out what real people are like. A well-kept secret about North Dakota: With a conservative Republican governor and Republican-controlled state Senate and House, and with unlimited oil and coal reserves, we have a $1.3 billion (that's with a B) surplus to deal with. What a terrible dilemma! Try to explain that to California Governor Schwarzenegger and the liberal government in California, or the rest of the United States for that matter.

Ron Bowman

Bowman, N.D.   Although I have been a registered Republican for 30 years, on November 4, I will be voting for Barack Obama and against John McCain. Unfortunately for the Republicans, the "old" John McCain no longer exists. He has been transformed by Karl Rove and his right-wing neocons into one of their own who believes that the end result always justifies the means. The "old" John McCain would never have named Sarah Palin as his running mate while insisting he was putting country first. Neither would the "old" McCain have engaged in such a negative and low-road campaign, a campaign that employs the exact same tactics that McCain openly called reprehensible when they were used against him eight years ago by Bush. McCain has even gone so far as to hire the same parties that had so savagely and unfairly disparaged him. The "new" McCain has sold his integrity and soul to those who seek to garner votes by instilling fear, distrust, anger, and even hate in voters' minds. The "old" McCain has instead been swallowed up by a Republican Party that has been hijacked by the far right, a party that has increasingly become intolerant and exclusive as it ostracizes anyone who dares not to be in lock step with its narrow-minded agenda.

Andrew R. Bolduc

Haskell , N.J. In "McCain Is Fighting Back Once Again," the author complains that McCain's campaign is too hard on Obama. They shouldn't bring up Ayers, and the rallies are racist, though it's not a big deal when Obama's Hollywood attacks McCain. That's just life, I guess. Your stoic defense of Obama's honor in the face of the injustice that McCain perpetrates against him is interesting. But the next piece, "Palin—Love Her or Hate Her," is telling. All Obama needs to do is spread the hope, smile, relax, and enjoy the ride. The media and Hollywood will do the dirty work for him.

Olga Gurariy

Secaucus , N.J. I'm Joe the Electrician. I owed income tax and paid it. I worked extra jobs. Tended bar, drove a cab, mowed lawns, and did all kinds of odd jobs for the extra money to pay my debts. I'm thinking of starting a small business. If I can hire four or five electricians, pay them a decent salary, pay my expenses, and net $250,000 a year, I'd be in high cotton. With a quarter-million dollars, I'd be damn happy to pay higher taxes to help those in need. I don't call that socialism. I call it being a good Christian. A caring, Democratic American.

Leonard Hall

San Antonio Character with moral values is most important. Honesty is important. Intelligence with sound judgment is important. Humility with the willingness to admit mistakes and to correct failed courses of action is important. Experience without a record of achievement or accomplishment is rather worthless. Abraham Lincoln was quite inexperienced when he was elected president, and he had failed at nearly every thing he had attempted up until then. But he had strong character and moral values with sound judgment and the humility to fire failed Union generals during the Civil War. Viewing all of the TV ads by all of the candidates running for public office makes me wonder if there are any capable candidates who possess character, moral values, or honesty.

Anthony J. Chibbaro Greensboro , N.C.

I am a former resident and state employee from Illinois. One does not go from state senator to presidential candidate without enormous political backing of the machine. Then, one after another, influential Democrats backed Obama over the other Democratic candidates. It just doesn't happen that way. How many early supporters will gain from an Obama landslide?

Donald Barbasm, Ph.D.


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