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"While I'm still young, I often think about where I'd retire—who doesn't?"

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While I'm still young, I often think about where I'd retire—who doesn't? ["America's Healthiest Places to Retire," September 29-October 6]. You always hear about Florida, or some place on the beach. But I'm not a beach person, nor do I like Florida, so this article is a perfect answer to my questions. I love the idea of breaking it up into "personality types" or interests. A healthy lifestyle would make my retirement so much more fun.

Comment by Carol of NY

I live and work in Green Valley, Ariz., and think it's definitely one of the best places in the nation to reside in and retire to. Our year-round weather is fantastic, the area is beautiful, people are nice, and recreational and social opportunities abound. I can't think of anywhere else I'd rather be!!

Comment by Julie McCoy of AZ

"Beautiful view," but Bella Vista, Ark., is so much more! The people are what make the village so great—friendly, talented, spiritual, and from virtually every state. We retired here to the beautiful Ozark Mountains over a year ago and find more to be involved in every day. Golf is king, but so many other interesting clubs and activities abound—keeping you young at heart!

Comment by Paula and Bill Youens of AR

Thanks for this informative package. It's definitely of great interest to all who have aging parents and would like to see them put up their feet and relax in a healthy environment after working hard all their lives. It is also of interest to those who can't wait to retire. I'd also like to make a pitch for my hometown, Alameda, Calif.. Though sometimes termed the "Midwest of the Bay Area," it is very retirement friendly and offers much of what a retired person could ever ask for.

Comment by E. Gee of NY

I have to vote for Cave Creek, the coolest little western town just north of Phoenix. "A town of cowboys and caviar" pretty much says it all. You have the best of all worlds: small-town atmosphere yet close to big-city attractions when you feel like putting on the ritz. Perfect weather (cooler than Phoenix in the summer), tons of golf, art fairs, entertainment, galleries, hiking trails, nature preserves, to-die-for mountain, and desert scenery.

Comment by L. Dorsey of AZ

I am surprised my gem of a community has been off the radar. I live in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., and it has everything young or old could want. Skidmore College is here, a long history of horse racing, and recreation. We are only a half hour from the international airport in Albany, and Amtrak has built a beautiful train station in town.

Comment by Bruce Rappaport of NY