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September 2008

Actions Speak Louder...

It was a great understatement when Michael Barone wrote in "The Battle of Party Themes" [September 15-22] "neither party has set out its programs clearly (or characterized the other size fairly)."

People act and lead in accordance with what they believe. Campaign promises and intentions are a much ...

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Politics and the Press

I dislike being a wet blanket, but I liked the "old" US News & World Reports much more than the "new" one [Editor's Note: "Elections and Objectivity" September 15-22].

Your "objective" approach is colorless, boring, no edge; no fun to read. It's almost like you regard the minds of your readers as ...

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Drill, Baby, Drill

"Eyeing the Oil Under the Gulf" [August 18-25], on the promise of offshore drilling, fails to mention the optimistic near future if we drill on the mainland. In addition to the huge ArcticNational Wildlife Refuge, a recent U.S. Geological Survey report describes overwhelming supplies of 3 billion ...

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Michael Barone: "McCain Has Advantage Over Obama in Post-Convention Polls"

Michael Barone's blog, "McCain Has the Advantage Over Obama in Post-Convention Polls," jumped to most viewed on usnews.com with more than 380 comments. A few to follow...

I hope the tide is turning for good! McCain/Palin may have weaknesses, but it beats the unknown. Now I can breathe easier!

—John ...

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Bush and the Media

What an irresistible invitation, to tell the editor of a respected news magazine what the media have done to change my past high regard for the media to something only slightly above contempt ["Journalism Critics Wanted" August 18-25].

You people combined have let the voting public down, you have ...

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Has U.S. News Hit the Mark?

How remarkable, refreshing and unexpected it was to read in Brian Kelly's Editor's Note on Iraq's surge that our beleaguered president may have been right all along ["Journalism Critics Wanted," August 18-25].

Better still that President Bush "had the fortitude to execute one very tough call, and so ...

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Global Warming’s Flip Side

"An Atlas of Climate Change" [August 4-11] on the possible negative ramifications of global warming is one perspective. Another perspective is that millions of northern homeowners who enjoy just one or two warmer degree days throughout the winter would collectively save millions of dollars each ...

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Links to Life in the Lab

I suspect the question of how life evolved will never be convincingly answered ["How Did Life on Earth Get Started?" August 4-11]. Gerald Joyce triumphantly predicts that "sooner or later, life will be made in the lab." The point that should not be missed in this statement is that it will always ...

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The Meat of the Issue

Common misconceptions about animal agriculture form the framework for "What Will We Eat?" [August 4-11]. First, what is called the woeful inefficiency of animal production needs perspective. Today's dairy cows produce 2 gallons of milk for every 10 pounds of feed, compared with less than 1 gallon ...

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