Michael Barone: "McCain Has Advantage Over Obama in Post-Convention Polls"

Michael Barone's blog, "McCain Has the Advantage Over Obama in Post-Convention Polls," jumped to most viewed on usnews.com with more than 380 comments. A few to follow...


Michael Barone's blog, "McCain Has the Advantage Over Obama in Post-Convention Polls," jumped to most viewed on usnews.com with more than 380 comments. A few to follow...

I hope the tide is turning for good! McCain/Palin may have weaknesses, but it beats the unknown. Now I can breathe easier!

—John of OH I'm not doubting the veracity or wisdom of the numbers, but the concept that this country could elect another Republican after six years of the most damaging Republican executive and legislative monopoly is beyond me. Any woman who is pro-choice who votes for Palin-McCain can kiss it goodbye once 88-year-old Justice Stevens is replaced. That would make it 6-3 anti-abortion on the Supreme Court. The anti-choice forces will wait for just the perfect case, and it will glide through the court, killing Roe v. Wade. Don't say you weren't warned. As for the economy, Bush and the Republican Congress of 2000-2006 rammed through the most devastating spending in our nation's history, swelling our debt to $9.7 TRILLION. We are drowning in Republican red ink, but somehow, through the Big Lie, Republicans have been able to convince the innumerate in this country that THEY are the "fiscally responsible" party. Amazing. Anyone who votes for Palin and the other guy deserves what they get, and I don't want hear your moaning over the economy or the war or abortion rights. You brought it on yourselves.

Artie of NY Many people say they are undecided, but in reality they don't want a black man as president, so on election day they will not vote for Obama.

Ming Ny of CA I am from Scotland. The perception over here is that Bush has been a disaster for your country and for the world. Obama is a Brave New World. Dear God, bring it on soon!

Graham A . Fordyce Post-convention polls will mean nothing this year. In 45 days they will be ancient history. The debates are going to be sooo interesting. Obama's going to make McCain look hawkish and non-presidential. Biden's going to make Palin look like a caribou in the headlights.

D ee of CA Thank God! Why does everyone look at Obama and think he is coming to save you? Save you from what? We talk about how bad the economy is; well, then explain it to me why we spent billions on stupid video games, at restaurants, beer, cigarettes and etc. just last year alone. Your life is yours and what you make of it. I've had rough times in my life, but guess what, the president isn't to blame. I am the choices I make; so are you! Every president, no matter who he is, has to make choices for this country, and you may agree or not, but that's life. I'm sick of the crybabies in America over how bad life is; well, guess what? You want change? Here's a quote... "Don't keep doing the same thing day after day, and expect a different outcome." What are you doing to change your situation? Quit waiting on the president or whomever, and for God's sake, stop shifting blame. Bush may have done something different from what you may have thought he should have, but you didn't mind cashing that rebate check...Life is Life, and Obama is not the Messiah.. He is a man in a different skin color with the same story. Morals have left America, and all people think about is what's in it for me. I am proud to be a McCain/Palin supporter not because of promises, simply due to morals and standards. Every president is a man! Not a god.

Marie of NC Plain and simple, this election has yet again turned into a war between "city slickers" and "God's people." That's right. My hat is off to the Republicans, who are masters at painting their fans as "honest, hard-working, down-to-earth Christian folk." Not that there's anything wrong with any of that. But instead, this and the last election have been tilted to place all the blame on "those city slickers" or what have you. The lie is that the race is made to convince both liberal and conservatives that either side is evil. This is sad. The presidential choice should be made based on qualifications, respect, and—more important in today's world—a full comprehension of global affairs and how to handle them without making Americans look like total idiots. The last administration ruined our image. An image that my great-great-grandfather to my father fought in wars to preserve. Yet at the end of the day, all anyone cares about is if Palin is a woman with Christian, family values, not to mention a whole brood of children. In other words, she's a good ole boy character. Good ole boys seldom if ever make good politicians. If McCain wins, then it's over. The United States will simply be another footnote in history.

Bob of AL I understand that the Republicans are probably very excited to see New York being only down by 5, and Washington only down by 2, but those are really suspect when compared with the rest of the summer, especially as Washington hasn't voted a Republican in since the Reagan landslide and has only become more Democratic since. I tend to take "If it looks too good to be true, it probably is," which is what was going on with the polls in North Dakota and Montana for Obama. These states were phantoms, not real possibilities. In any case, we have a long way to go yet, but it's better to ignore the polls around this time that just don't make any sense than to get too excited and, as Obama has unfortunately done, sink money into a Republican state only worth three electoral votes.

Martin Black of WA White animosity is understated in the polls. Many of my friends who are Democrats said they would never vote for Obama. Not because he is black—but because of Rev. Wright. They simply don't believe he couldn't share Wright's views, and they think he is simply looking to advance blacks at white people's expense. I think the media have done a very poor job in addressing this issue. The amount of criticism I hear daily behind closed doors is beyond belief. Having been on both coasts this summer, I'm getting the same view everywhere I go. I am a pretty liberal person, but if many of the people I know talk like this, I cannot see Obama winning.

J. Stone of TX To quote Denzel Washington from Remember the Titans, "I don't care if you are black, white, brown, blue, green, or orange" (or something like that). I actually like Obama as an individual, and I am sure he is a decent human being, but his policies scare the #$@! out of me. We need to tighten our belts. Government needs to stop trying to solve everybody's problems, especially when those problems are brought on by the individual person/company. When you make bad choices, you need to have consequences. Otherwise, what do you learn? You learn to make bad choices and that the government will bail you out if it goes awry. Taxing corporations to death (and that is what "closing loopholes" means) is not going to create jobs. Taxing the rich is not going to create jobs. Obama is trying to buy your vote. As for the Republican ticket, I am not excited about it...but it is better than the alternative...which, if elected, will have no checks and balances in Congress to do whatever the hell he pleases.

Jeff of IL