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John Aloysius Farrell's September 15 blog post, "John McCain's Journey From Maverick to Liar," has garnered about 250 comments. Read a preview here.


John Aloysius Farrell's September 15 blog post, "John McCain's Journey From Maverick to Liar," has garnered about 250 comments. Read a preview here.

John McCain, who would not sell his soul to win his party's nomination, is ready to sell every piece of his soul to win the presidency.

—Politicjock of NJ Barack Obama and his campaign of lies...starting with 95 percent of Americans getting a tax break. Not true; it's more like 79 percent, failing to mention that payroll and business taxes will go up...creating fewer jobs...promising publicly he would take public campaign funds and then rescinding that promise, distorting McCain's 100-year-war remark, on and on. The problem is that both campaigns and their surrogates are so full of half-truths and arrogance that none of us believe anything either of them have to say. Both talk about issues, but we all know neither of them will be able to get a lot done so long as there is gridlock in Washington...and that is why so many people like the McCain/Palin ticket. I think they can actually shake things up. Obama is tied too closely to his Dem Party and the special interest groups like I don't want that type of influence...look at all the problems it has already caused these last two years under Pelosi and Reid.

Bfree of OR Fair enough that McCain has done some flip-flopping, but what about the lack of experience and questionable affiliations of Obama? Can these really be ignored?

Scott of GA I realize that many politicians exaggerate, stretch the truth, etc., but John McCain, over the past couple of weeks, has been blatantly, unabashedly lying to our faces. His statements are not mere exaggerations; they are the opposite of the facts (i.e., the lie that Sarah Palin did not request any earmarks as governor of Alaska, when we all know by now that she requested millions of dollars in earmarks). It's beyond insulting and beyond outrageous.

Sarah C. of IL I agree, McCain has started becoming sleazy recently. I don't blame him, however, his initial run was of actual goodwill. He became cynical only after he realized the media were totally ignoring him for Obama...unless, of course, he flubbed on his speech. Lo and behold, as soon as he got negative, the media finally gave him some attention. Not good ones no doubt, but at least he gets some now rather than as a totally ignored goody two shoes. I still trust McCain on "bipartisanship" over Obama, mainly because he's proved he can do it, sacrificed to do it (immigration reform nearly killed his initial nomination run back in 2007), and if elected he'll have to deal with a Democratic majority constantly. Obama, on the other hand, can stick with far-left proposals and just wait for a few wavering Republicans to vote on the legislation. He can call that "bipartisan" if he wants, but in my opinion, it's very...misleading.

Skeptical of CA bfreeofOR...get informed, or if you are, stop spinning lies! Obama has not taken public campaign funds; that's a known fact. His 95 percent of Americans receiving a tax break is wrong, but so is your 79 percent; it's more like 89 percent. How do you account for payroll and business taxes going up? Small businesses (I believe it's under 100 employees will actually get tax benefits and with a national health plan, all employers will save quite a lot of $ by not having to provide health insurance. He has a strong plan for creating jobs, perhaps those same jobs that McCain and the Republicans have shipped out to India, China, and elsewhere.

Aycee of AZ I have come to the conclusion that America may be too racist to elect an intelligent black president. I can see no other reason why this is even close. McCain and Palin have been caught lying so many times, and all they offer is more of the same failed Republican policies. Add to this the general ignorance of the voting populace, and we may get four more years of ineptitude and corruption.

Michael of CA I used to admire John McCain for his independent, conscience-driven approach to government. It's so sad to see this once truthful man succumb to the aphrodisiac-like lure of the presidency to the extent that he would be willing to sell his integrity (not to mention soul) to attain this lofty goal. What a disappointment I feel when I hear "I'm John McCain, and I approve this message" following each Karl Rove-ian type lying smear of his opponent.

Notgullible of WA I am a registered Republican who cannot vote for McCain/Palin. I love my country too much to put it in the hands of people who will deceive Americans in order to be elected and with a VP who clearly doesn't have the education and understanding of how the world and the country works. It is time for a third party that speaks honestly, controls government spending, puts the country first, rebuilds our country's infrastructure, doesn't use the military except in necessity, takes care of its neediest citizens, believes this country should be in the forefront of science and industry, and rewards companies that keep good jobs in America. And leaves religion out of politics and government policies.

Juniper of WY How can you blame John McCain for his lies? After all, when he was telling the truth about himself, his policies, and his opponent, no one wanted to vote for him. It's not his fault that Americans are no longer interested in what he and the Republican Party has to sell. So yeah, he's been forced to make stuff up and hope no one notices.

Bucky of ME