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Tom Omestad's "Poll Finds World's Preference Is Clear: Obama for President" [posted September 10] has already chalked up 248 comments and counting. Here's a sampling:

I never thought that being respected in the world could possibly be a bad thing. Just shows you how effective the Republicans are at spinning the media.

Blake of Colorado This article is useless because Obama isn't running for President of the World, and the rest of the world is not voting—the American people are, and right now they are favoring John McCain.

Muad ' dib of Maryland I work for JPMorgan Chase. What do you think Jamie Dimon, our CEO, would say if John McCain or Sarah Palin walked into his office and laid out their resumes and said, "I want to run this company. Here are my qualifications." Jaime Dimon would take one look at John McCain's resume and see that he graduated 894th out of a class of 899 cadets at the United States Naval Academy. Sarah Palin has a BS degree in Journalism from the Univ of Idaho. Mayor of a town of 5,400 in 1996. Governor for just 16 months of a state with less than half the employees of JPMorgan Chase. Do you think Jamie Dimon the CEO of JPMorgan would hire either one of them to be President or Vice President? The answer: Not a chance.

Common Sense of Texas So you are saying that Jamie Dimon would be afraid to hire two accomplished individuals who have focused on spotlighting greed and corruption. Thanks for the tip! I'll move my money today!

Dewey of New Mexico At a first thought, who cares what world prefers? This is about America and American people. But on a second thought, this is a fantastic opportunity to regain the leadership position in the international community and not a bully position. A good opportunity to regain support of the rest of the world, specially in time when another cold war is looming closer. However I find it hard to believe that race plays a part, because people all over Europe have not had a single black person as a leader. They do have many black activists as well as politicians in their own country who don't pass above a level and they are speaking of their perception of America? What are we Americans, guinea pigs of some kind?

J.P of Texas Are you people telling me that citizens from 22 countries have any significant knowledge of what is needed right here in America. I frankly don't give a damn what they think.

Sean Cornish of Nebraska I think that Obama has a clear vision and a clear plan for the U.S. I hope people's eyes are opened. We need a new direction. We will get more of the same with McCain and Palin. Yes Palin is a fresh face but she is not fresh ideas. Obama is right!

Kofi of Connecticut Foreign opinion matters should not matter. Are they more noble then we are? No. It is a question of novelty and the perception of what more can other countries get from the US having weak leadership. I enjoy living in the most innovative caring country in the world. We don't need be like other countries.

Underwood of New York Restoring American respect abroad is a very important objective for our next president and it's pretty clear that McCain/Palin can't do it. They are too closely associated with our esteemed current president who has presided over the deterioration of our image abroad. It reflects poorly on our electorate if international acclaim for Obama is somehow construed as a bad thing.

Michael of Indiana That is an excellent reason to vote for McCain! During Bill Clinton's administration the world loved the US because they thought of us as the Pillsbury Dough Boy. We were fat and lazy and always gave in to aggression, repression, and genocide rather than fight it. Today they may not love the US, but they respect our resolve and know that we're no longer pushovers. Obama's apology tour of Europe a few months ago gave us all a preview of what an Obama administration would do to our world standing - It would rank us well behind France as the biggest waffling, unreliable, do-nothing country in the would.

Mike of California