Taking the Media to Task

With respect to your request, I must respond to "Journalism Critics Wanted" [August 18-25].

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With respect to your request, I must respond to "Journalism Critics Wanted" [August 18-25]. Whether it is your magazine or the others I read regularly, I believe writers and/or journalists make news, not report it. The industry of news has become mostly an entertainment endeavor, rather than factual reporting. I compare the polls of the president, which are low, to those of Congress, which are lower. I would rate journalists lower thaneither of those.

Harley H. Dupler

Frankfort , Ind. I was surprised that you asked your readers to comment. To even suggest that the country is better off because of the Bush surge policy strikes me as delusional. The bombing and killing continue, as does the ever growing cost of this trumped-up war. You talk of a "remarkable turnaround." What about $10 billion spent a month, plus the$9 trillion debt affecting the nation on the Bush watch? What about the 4,100 service people killed and the thousands wounded? The numbers grow every day, along with the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis killed and wounded. For a real eye-opener, look into the new VA hospital in San Antonio, named the Center for the Intrepid, which was recently built for the worst of the worst wounded to help repair their bodies and their minds.

E. V. Schmidt

Pacific Palisades , Calif. Your magazine has changed, but not for the better. A few years ago, U.S. News would not have printed an article like Bush's Last Stand [May 14, 2007]. You would not have opened up the possibility that the president is not thinking straight. Instead, you would have presented news straight, without an opinion or slanted stories.

Eugene Cyphers

Davenport , Iowa Being a conservative, I've found U.S. News to give full coverage without injecting jabs at the conservative position. I don't feel that my side is always right but like to see both sides to help me make up my mind. We need news coverage so we can choose people for office using facts, not biased information from reporters trying to get their candidate elected. What you should do is try to encourage more conservative young people to become reporters.

William A. Carpenter

Omro , Wis. I am a Republican. I think the press and the media have not given President Bush enough credit. I do not like everything he has done. However, all has not been bad. Only time will tell. The media does affect the way we believe. For instance, I was for the Iraq war but almost changed my mind because of all the bad publicity. I still believe that there were weapons of mass destruction and that the truth will come out someday.

Jerri Legler

Sun City West, Ariz. Do I think your magazine has been fair to President Bush? When you suggested that he might be "delusional" after making a decision supported by his senior aides, both civilian and military, that has been a great success in Iraq? Of course you have not been fair. I believe that the mainstream media despises President Bush. He will incense you once more when he goes home to Texas and acts as a retired president should. To me, he has the look of a man who has done what he thought was best for his country and can now ride off into the sunset.

Joe Van Cavage

Fort Myers , Fla. I think there is such an intense ill feeling in our country toward President Bush that I have grave doubts as to the truth and fairness of any comments from so-called Washington insiders. Much of this ill feeling stems from the print media and television news that push the anti-Bush agenda.

Emil Raffetto Sr.