Masters of the Universe

"Will We Soon Find Life in the Heavens?" [August 4-11] should enlighten all human beings.

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"Will We Soon Find Life in the Heavens?" [August 4-11] should enlighten all human beings. Science is constantly proving that so much of our traditional, earthly thinking is outdated. The fact that there are many who still doubt the possibility of other life forms in the universe is disturbing. In explaining techniques used in galactic exploration, astronomer Seth Shostak was quoted: "We're looking for life [in outer space] that's clever enough to hold up its side of the conversation." Now I understand why I've had problems most of my life. I've been looking on Earth.

Gary Hardeman

San Francisco Whether there is life only on our planet or others as well, it is still a miracle that molecules can get together and live and breathe and reproduce. The RNA and DNA are too complex to just happen. There has to be a supreme being directing intelligent design of all types of life.

Gordon Walker

Anaheim, Calif. Read between the lines: "We're going to find out, one way or another, that biology is not a miracle." Obviously, scientists are not satisfied with evolution as a viable explanation for how life began here on Earth. Scientists are still searching for the missing link. Intelligent design, especially from a creationist perspective, is so hard to swallow that they must continue to search for what they feel is explainable. Scientists will always be fighting intelligent design, specifically creationism, because it is the only plausible explanation for life.

Dan Castaneda

Visalia, Calif.