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August 2008

In Search of Best Hospitals

"America's Best Hospitals" [July 21-28] was of great interest to me.

I especially enjoyed reading the article about the five days your reporters spent at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Having been trained as an RN, although I left to take care of my children, I felt as if I were right there ...

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Debating Bush

"Bush Finds the Pool of Goodwill Has Gone Dry" [July 21-28] cites Bush's stubbornness on the Iraq war as a fault, along with his taking only limited measures in dealing with the downturn in the economy.

The president's stubbornness on Iraq is exactly why we are winning there today. With regard to ...

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Climate Conundrum

"Protecting Mother Nature" [July 21-28] makes the statement, "Now that there is consensus that global climate change is happening...."

Consensus in this context leads people to believe that this is settled science. There are misconceptions about greenhouse gases. Many greenhouse gases are present ...

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To-do Over Tattoo

As a 37-year-old with tattoos, I was disappointed in "The Dangerous Art of the Tattoo" [August 4-11].

 It is the responsibility of the person getting tattooed to make sure that the studio doing the work follows state laws and that it follows the necessary cleanliness procedures, which can be read ...

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Tackling the Energy Issue

Mort Zuckerman's editorial titled "Stop the Energy Insanity" [July 21-28] really missed the mark.

He, along with every other Republican politician, states that increased drilling offshore and in Artic National Wildlife Refuge would produce 96 billion barrels of oil while only having "minimal ...

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Historical Connections

Michael Barone's "We're Not Leaving," [July21-28] has shown the striking parallel between President Truman's determination not to leave Berlin in 1948 at the mercy of the Soviets and President Bush's determination (often labeled "unreasonable stubbornness") not to leave Iraq at the mercy of ...

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Redefining Values

We may need labels to efficiently refer to groups of people that exhibit similar characteristics and behaviors, but I really object to the phrase "value voters"["A Complex Role for Religion," July 7-14].

Just because I'm not considered part of that block doesn't mean I have bad values. Please don't ...

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Going Too Far?

"When Uncle Sam Can Nab Your Laptop," [July 7-14] states, "Customs insists that terrorism and child pornography are sufficient justification for electronics searches."

This is akin to saying that crashes are sufficient justification for searching and seizing every vehicle on the road. I'm old enough ...

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Barely Making Ends Meet

"Not Making It Like Mom and Dad" [July 7-14] dealt with the difficulty of maintaining a reasonable standard of living in view of the high costs today for just about everything.

It seemed to make a fair amount of sense until it got to the last paragraph.Then came the call for the government to solve ...

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Editor's Note: Comments Feature Now Back on Track

Earlier today, we experienced a glitch with our comments feature. It's now fixed. From 4 p.m. Thursday until midmorning Friday, your comments were not being posted automatically. The problem was a side effect from a recent network upgrade. Unfortunately, we are not able to recover those comments,

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The Revolution in Review

I read "The Real Revolution" [July 7-14] with interest and disappointment.

The fact that the early Army was made up of "unmarried men in their early 20s who took up arms not to defend some abstract ideal but because they were offered money and land" upset me at first reading. My mind wandered back ...

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Of Print and Pixels

At age 75, I have been a "print" person for well over a half century.

During my last two years of high school and all through college, I worked as a reporter on my hometown weekly newspaper and dreamed of penning the novel that would shake the world and make me immortal. Instead, I devoted more than ...

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Finding Passion in Your Profession

As a 2005 college graduate, I can't tell you impressed I was with your "Best Careers 2008" story featured on the website [usnews.com].

Since graduating, I have struggled to find a fit for my exact skill set. I have always had a love for science and working with children but was resigned to the idea ...

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