Finding Passion in Your Profession

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As a 2005 college graduate, I can't tell you impressed I was with your "Best Careers 2008" story featured on the website [].

Since graduating, I have struggled to find a fit for my exact skill set. I have always had a love for science and working with children but was resigned to the idea that I would have to choose one or the other. Reading your day in the life of some of the scientific professions (like nursing) I realized it might not be for me. I hadn't even thought of the possibility of being a school psychologist, but based on your description I think it might be a perfect fit for me. I can't wait to start researching programs and getting more educated about this possibility, and I would never have thought about this option had it not been for your article. Thank you for such a comprehensive description of these various professions.

Ariana Vargas

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