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July 2008

Candidate Conundrum

In "Taking On a Perilous World" [June 23-30], you discussed the upcoming election between Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. John McCain by implying that neither candidate could possibly live up to the strong stance against terrorism that the Bush administration has demonstrated.

You say, "The Bush ...

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A Welcome to War Heroes

Don't surrender military history just yet ["War Sells, but Not in Class," June 23-June 30].

I have taught military history courses for some 15 years at Loyola University in Chicago. In my years at Loyola, I have had the complete support of the department of history and the university. During these ...

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New Orleans Revisited

How can you devote a three-page update on rebuilding New Orleans without figures on the billions of dollars taxpayers have been forced to pay for this ["The Road Back Home," June 23-30]?

It is a waste of American resources to rebuild an area that is mostly below sea level, is sinking while oceans ...

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An Uneducated Electorate?

After the debacle of the first four years with President George W. Bush, I, and many others, were dumbfounded when he got re-elected. This is enough testimony in itself to substantiate the Q&A with Rick Shenkman, "The Ignorant American Voter" [June 23-30].

Shenkman says, "My No. 1 suggestion...is to ...

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Fed Up With Debt

In a political season where government fiscal responsibility has received short shrift, the presumptive presidential nominees of both parties would do well to heed the mantra of the Blue Dog Democrats articulated in "Attacking the Deficit" [June 23-30].

Although both Sens. Barack Obama and John ...

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On Lobbies and Legislation

Michael Barone's "In Defense of Lobbyists" [June 23-30] was a whole page and he didn't once address the problem: lobbying equals bribery.

If you try to bribe a cop, you will get a ticket. If you try to bribe a judge, you will go to jail. But if you make a large "contribution" to a Washington ...

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Life is Not a Dream for Many

Mortimer Zuckerman's "The American Dream Goes On" [June 23-30] caused amazement, even consternation.

Where and for whom? Not for the millions of normally hard-working, patriotic Americans who don't have a job and can't find one, except sometimes in the service sector, maybe only part-time, with a ...

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Presidents and Policies

In a sea of platitudes and asinine commentaries offered daily by the press, "One Voice on Foreign Policy" [June 16] is a welcome, refreshing piece.

Harold Evans hit the nail on the head. It is insane for the parties to disagree on foreign policy and it "will advertise division and uncertainty to our ...

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Welcome to the New "U.S. News"

By |

We're doing a little renovation to spruce up the place.

That new logo you see on the cover is not just a cosmetic makeover. It signals a new era for U.S. News. We're changing the way we think of the magazine, and it's going to affect you, our valued readers. Among the changes, we'll be publishing ...

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U.S. News & World Report

The Impact of Oil Prices

"Riding the Oil Boom" [June 16] likely captured the attention of many readers.

The attractions and developments detailed led me to fantasize about a visit to Dubai—albeit, one day in the far-off future. There was one element I resented and with which I heartily disagree: "The city's secret is a ...

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A Cappella Coups

As an alumnus of the Tufts Beelzebubs, I am pleased that U. S. News recognized the dedicated musicians of this and other collegiate a cappella groups ["Tuning In to College a Cappella," June 16].

Having joined the "Bubs" in its second year, I am amazed to have witnessed its transformation from the ...

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