Candidate Conundrum

In "Taking On a Perilous World" [June 23-30], you discussed the upcoming election between Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. John McCain

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In "Taking On a Perilous World" [June 23-30], you discussed the upcoming election between Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. John McCain by implying that neither candidate could possibly live up to the strong stance against terrorism that the Bush administration has demonstrated.

You say, "The Bush administration has been quite aggressive in going after terrorists, leaving little room for candidates to suggest stronger tactics." Removing Richard Clarke as the terrorism czar and then diverting our country's attention to a war that has produced more terrorist sympathizers than it has destroyed are clearly tactical blunders that have made our country less safe and exacerbated the problem of terrorism more than making it appear "aggressive in going after terrorists." The article read like a partisan defense of the many blunders that this current president has made in the war on terror and gave the impression that the next president, regardless of party affiliation, could not appear stronger. You must be joking. I expect better from your magazine in the future.

Bradley Kaye

Binghamton , N.Y.  

One candidate served in the Navy as a field grade officer, flew 23 combat missions, and acquitted himself heroically while being tortured in a Communist POW camp for more than five years. He spent decades in the House of Representatives and the Senate, currently serving as the ranking member of the Senate Committee on Armed Services. Lastly, he pushed for and supported the current military surge in Iraq, which is proving critical to our success. The other candidate has no military service and is barely in his first term in the Senate. He has long recommended quitting our nation's effort to defeat a mortal enemy in Iraq and thereby doom a fledgling democracy. Is there really a choice?

Greg Sheehan

Altoona , Pa.  

"Who Can Keep America Safe?" Our armed forces have been doing an exemplary job for more than 200 years. Since we took the battle to the terrorists overseas, there have been no more major terrorist attacks here in America, even as terrorists have hit Spain and England and other countries as well. Iraq would be far better off if everyone who supported taking out Saddam Hussein in 2003 were to continue to support our troops whose lives are on the line daily. Instead, Americans have betrayed America and now parrot the line of Harry Reid ("This war is lost") and other Democrats politicizing the war and spinning facts to win votes and power as they did late in the Vietnam War.

John Jaeger

Irvine , Calif.  

I am very concerned over who can keep Obama safe. A terrorist strike against Obama would create havoc in the United States before Americans have a chance to make their choice known. I fear conspiracy theories would proliferate and riots reminiscent of those in Los Angeles would break out all over the country. I can't imagine what the Rev. Jeremiah Wright would make of harm to Obama. We need to be sure he is protected to give Americans a chance to show their preference.

Chuck Averill

Ontario , Calif.  

John McCain's worst enemy is his legendary temper. If Senator McCain is easily moved to anger over trivial things, how will he respond to negative comments that might come from Senator Obama, let alone criticism from leaders of enemy nations or taunting from terrorist groups?

Evan Dale Santos

Adelanto , Calif.